Queen Bee

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Ghost Funk Orchestra Ghost Funk Orchestra

“Batu means ‘rock’ in Malay” said the photographer, for the third time in a week. The sous-chef ignored the comment, also for the third time, and tried squinting in the darkness at the cribbage board. They had been wise enough to purchase a glow-in-the-dark deck after all these midnight assignments, but had yet to extend their ingenuity to the board. Tapping a foot in irritation, they knocked over the thermos full of hot cocoa set on the steps, and it would have rolled down several long flights of guano-covered stairs had it not been stopped by the tandem bike’s wheel leaning against the statue’s pedestal. Above them, Lord Murugan stared stonily into the dark.

In this episode: A Big Yes And A Small No, Andre Williams, Arling + Cameron, Ascendants, The Avalanches, Brian Capps and the True Liars, The Bug, Certain Animals, Crocodiles, Death Cab For Cutie, Death Valley Girls, Elvis Costello, Fastball, Free Radicals, Ghost Funk Orchestra, The Goldstars, Hafdis Huld, illuminati hotties, Jason Collett, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Kinks, Kruder + Dorfmeister, The Last, The Lemon Twigs, The Lonesome Organist, Mad Professor, Mano Negra, METZ, Mexican Institute Of Sound + Toy Selectah, Miriam Makeba, Money Mark, The Mountain Goats, The New Madness, Nightmares On Wax, North Americans, The Nude Party, Pixies, The Police, Quasi, The Republic Of Persevere, Rob Crow, Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, The Stillmen, Tugboat, Viagra Boys, Vulfpeck, Yazoo, The Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 Queen Bee Ghost Funk Orchestra Royal funk jelly
2 Spirit 927 Ascendants Taking off
3 Interstellar Love (feat. Leon Bridges) The Avalanches Now with Alan Parsons
4 Pata Pata Miriam Makeba Traditions
6 The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 Death Cab For Cutie Originally by Neutral Milk Hotel
7 True Liar Brian Capps and the True Liars Burning up
8 Leppo & The Jooves Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians Quite the characters
9 Whirlpool The Young Fresh Fellows Still spinning
11 No One Holds You (Closer Than the One You Haven't Met) The Lemon Twigs AM radio in the springtime
12 Mystery Dance Elvis Costello Turn it up!
13 Plastic Halo Hafdis Huld Delicate iceflower
14 Lola The Kinks For our brave servicepersons
16 Lovesick The New Madness Begging for use in a commercial
17 Percolate Money Mark Got something brewing
18 Cranked Up Too Hard The Lonesome Organist A runaway carousel
19 El Scorcho Tugboat Originally by Weezer
21 It All Washes Away Death Valley Girls So clean
22 Tanzania Fastball Hanging ten or twenty
23 Faded Away A Big Yes And A Small No Manic vibrations
24 Paying Off The Happiness illuminati hotties At their most approachable
26 Summer! King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Dangling on the drone
27 Hail Taxi METZ One way to catch a cab
28 Something Against You Pixies So aggressive
29 Magic Dice Mano Negra The sticky sound
31 Lies The Last Straight outta the aighties
32 Getting Into Knives The Mountain Goats On a spiritual path
33 Brownie Hawkeye Jason Collett For the camera fiends
34 On Any Other Day The Police The other ones are complete bullshit
36 Judith The Nude Party Smart hicks
37 Crazy Conscious Mexican Institute Of Sound + Toy Selectah With Toots Hibbert
38 We Love Dancing Arling + Cameron Dubbed out
39 Don't Go (2008 Remaster) Yazoo Club catechism
41 Alice Crucifies The Pedophiles Rob Crow Originally by Rudimentary Peni
42 Stow-A-Way The Stillmen Old fashioned
43 The Goat Quasi Can we get one?
45 Secret Canine Agent Viagra Boys Was that a saxophone?
46 Looking Down at You Looking Up at Me Andre Williams Ain’t no place I’d rather be
47 Decisions Crocodiles Howl it out
48 Tangerine Certain Animals She don’t use jelly
50 3 on E (feat. Antwaun Stanley) Vulfpeck Instructions come on the package
51 Out of the Ordinary The Republic Of Persevere Call the movers
52 Comin' Home Baby The Goldstars Warbling out
53 Estamos En La Lucha (feat. Karina Nistal) Free Radicals In the fight
55 Immigration Plan (feat. Ranking Ann) Mad Professor From 1984
56 Low Rider The Bug Throwing off sparks
57 King Size Kruder + Dorfmeister Not for sharing
58 Nights Introlude (Live In Chicago) Nightmares On Wax Slowly melding
60 American Dipper North Americans Hypnotic light dancing