Noodle Soup

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Born Ruffians Born Ruffians

The journey to the island had been placid, cutting through the postcard-blue waters on the kite hydrofoil like an experienced tailor shearing fine cloth for a new suit. Things were a bit more complicated now that they were at the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. The horologist consulted the mission notes, which simply stated “remove all anachronistic displays.” The historian, fearing seasickness, had taken a pill and was now having a comically adverse reaction that rendered them useless for these judgements. A security guard eyed them warily, but perhaps they could turn the situation to their advantage by playing up the effects as excessive inebriation.

In this episode: A Tale of Golden Keys, The Afghan Whigs, Asian Dub Foundation, Bad Bad Meow, The Bobby Lees, Boom Pam, Bootsy Collins, Born Ruffians, Com Truise, Daniel Johnston, DJ Dolores, Drive-By Truckers, Elvis Costello, Free Radicals, The Growlers, Handsome Boy Modeling School, illuminati hotties, Jeepster, Jeff Tweedy, Jennyanykind, The Kinks, Kruder + Dorfmeister, La Francachela, The Last, Lavender Diamond, Le Hammond Inferno, Les idiots, Lunchbox, Mano Negra, The Mountain Goats, Naked Giants, Niños Con Bombas, Oh Sees, The Paranoyds, Pomplamoose, The Rave-Ups, Robbie Fulks, Robyn Hitchcock, The Solace Bros., The Squirrels, Star Feminine Band, Still Flyin', True Love, Woods, The Wrens, Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 Noodle Soup Born Ruffians A fullsome chorus
2 Tom Young Of Radioface Bad Bad Meow Lotta name-dropping
3 Wrong True Love You try googling “true love wrong”
4 Black Boots Young Fresh Fellows Sure sounds stompy
6 Sleeping Without You Pomplamoose A daring proposition
7 Gary of the Academy Lunchbox Smart and horny
8 That's Just Life The Last Organ howler
10 Sarah's Flame Drive-By Truckers Warm and cozy
11 Like An Arrow Lavender Diamond Commence the ritual
12 Opaline Jeff Tweedy Dedicated to a garden spider
13 She's So Sinful Jennyanykind Heavy heavy three
15 Peba Star Feminine Band Hot stuff out of Benin
16 Postcard Niños Con Bombas An explosive polka missive
17 Watching the Detectives Elvis Costello Top-shelf Jazzmastering
18 Return of Django Asian Dub Foundation Dub-happy wooziness
20 High School (Don't Like Them) Naked Giants Remember when
21 Move The Bobby Lees Cold start, hot tune
22 From His Lips The Wrens New stuff from the Wrens REAL SOON
23 Toadstool Experiment Oh Sees Very experimental
25 Holiday The Kinks What a lovely day today
26 Crazy Love Daniel Johnston Baring his soul
27 Rave-Up/Shut-Up The Rave-Ups Ducky was robbed
28 Wild Honey Pie The Squirrels Nice choice
30 superiority complex (big noise) illuminati hotties Burn
31 Rock'n'Roll Handsome Boy Modeling School Back by popular demand
32 Forever Dudes Still Flyin' Join us
33 Vacant Lot The Growlers Not the saddest though
35 Tout le monde le sait Les idiots Because everybody knows
36 Arnold Layne Robyn Hitchcock Clearly he’s a fan of the Vegetable Man
37 Monica No Samba DJ Dolores Deconstructed and reinstructed
38 I Dream (for You) Com Truise Praise be DX7
40 Hotel Celebrity The Paranoyds Off kilter retroactivity
41 Turn On The Water The Afghan Whigs Descending to the depths
42 Next to You and the Sea Woods Reaching across untold distances
44 Hostility A Tale of Golden Keys Intricate construction
45 Ex Oh Jeepster Languid
46 WantMe2Stay Bootsy Collins Featuring Larry Graham
47 Speech Defects Le Hammond Inferno Perfectly enunciated
49 Rat Queen The Mountain Goats As foretold by the ancient texts
50 I'm Gonna Take You Home (And Make You Like Me) Robbie Fulks Great repartee
51 Melody Line The Solace Bros. An under-appreciated band
53 Café Sin Leche (feat. Arthur Yoria) Free Radicals Morning coffee
54 Munt Boom Pam Sabre dancing
55 Mala Vida Mano Negra It’s time to go
56 Mosquita Muerta La Francachela All about the dead fly
58 Ambiente Kruder + Dorfmeister Quite environmental