Mixtape 150 :: Secret Canine Agent

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Viagra Boys Viagra Boys

Viagra Boys don’t care what you think… there’s plenty of room for a saxophone and John Prine covers in the backseat of a 21st century punk band.

In this episode: A Big Yes And A Small No, Andre Williams, Boh Runga, Certain Animals, Com Truise, Crocodiles, Death Valley Girls, DJ Dolores, Dr. Dog, Drive-By Truckers, Fastball, Fort Lauderdale, illuminati hotties, Jeff Tweedy, Jennyanykind, The Kinks, Kruder + Dorfmeister, Lavender Diamond, The Lemon Twigs, Les idiots, Lunchbox, The Nude Party, Quasi, Rob Crow, Robyn Hitchcock, Stereo Total, The Stillmen, TLO, Viagra Boys, The Wedding Present, The Z Kamp Express

  Song Artist Notes
1 Secret Canine Agent Viagra Boys Was that a saxophone?
2 Looking Down at You Looking Up at Me Andre Williams Ain’t no place I’d rather be
3 Decisions Crocodiles Howl it out
4 Tangerine Certain Animals She don’t use jelly
6 Sarah's Flame Drive-By Truckers Warm and cozy
7 Like An Arrow Lavender Diamond Commence the ritual
8 Opaline Jeff Tweedy Dedicated to a garden spider
9 She's So Sinful Jennyanykind Heavy heavy three
11 Apeman The Kinks Now more than ever
12 Not Given Lightly Boh Runga Originally by Tall Dwarfs
13 Balthazar Pelican TLO With Jack Renfro
14 Shadow People Dr. Dog Ten years old now
15 You Can't Moan Can You? The Wedding Present Grinding the Gedge gears
17 Sexy Creature Fort Lauderdale Such great tone
18 Ghostiez The Z Kamp Express tripping on acid masonic graveyard
19 Forever 16 Stereo Total Zap it with a ray gun
21 Live in Favor of Tomorrow The Lemon Twigs Rainbow psychedelic pop is a thing again
22 Dream Parade Lunchbox More of that
23 Cure Is You The Nude Party Soulful grinding
25 Alice Crucifies The Pedophiles Rob Crow Originally by Rudimentary Peni
26 Stow-A-Way The Stillmen Old fashioned
27 The Goat Quasi Can we get one?
29 Tout le monde le sait Les idiots Because everybody knows
30 Arnold Layne Robyn Hitchcock Clearly he’s a fan of the Vegetable Man
31 Monica No Samba DJ Dolores Deconstructed and reinstructed
32 I Dream (for You) Com Truise Praise be DX7
34 It All Washes Away Death Valley Girls So clean
35 Tanzania Fastball Hanging ten or twenty
36 Faded Away A Big Yes And A Small No Manic vibrations
37 Paying Off The Happiness illuminati hotties At their most approachable
39 One Break Kruder + Dorfmeister An eventual arrival