Dumb Myself Down

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr.

The luthier adjusted the direction control of the four-legged arachnoform lumbering above the forest of Oro Bay. The spherical contraption had been difficult at first, but proved to be intuitive in guiding the transport’s spindly hissing legs across the varied terrain. Behind the padded seat, the cartographer consulted screens and printouts. The purple spruce should be visible soon. A single trunk would yield over a hundred cello bows, worth millions in the underground market. They were there to make sure it remained just another tree.

In this episode: A Giant Dog, Ages And Ages, The Aggrolites, Andrew Bird, Animal Eyes, Bad Bad Hats, Books on Tape, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Camper Van Beethoven, Cayucas, Chad VanGaalen, Cheap Trick, Coldcut & Hexstatic, The Devil Makes Three, The Dickies, The Emergency, Habiluim, Janis Joplin, Jr. Jr., Kal, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Manu Chao, Mastretta, Mekons, The Mountain Goats, Nikka Costa, Nouvelle Vague, Orville Peck, Paris Combo, The Police, Pom Poko, The Ray Makers, Reptaliens, Sex Bob-omb, She & Him, The Smugglers, The Starlight Mints, Stereolab, Thee Oh Sees, Violent Femmes, Wolf Parade, The Woolly Bushmen, World Standard

  Song Artist Notes
1 Dumb Myself Down Jr. Jr. Quite smart, actually
2 Popsickle The Starlight Mints Beep beep
3 What It Feels Like Cayucas For a birthday party
5 My Blood Pom Poko Beautiful plumage
6 Lo Boob Oscillator Stereolab Le French relax
7 Moonflower The Ray Makers A glittering subway ride
8 Take You Back (The Iron Hoof Cattle Call) Orville Peck Dusty on the trail
10 Wake Up Reptaliens Need me some of that
11 Absolute Worst Bad Bad Hats Another voice calls
12 Forever Cul-De-Sac Ages And Ages A slow thrumming
14 Gone Daddy Gone Violent Femmes Good vibes
15 Banana Splits The Dickies Can’t wait for the movie
16 I Want You To Want Me Cheap Trick The gentle version
17 See You in Tokyo Books on Tape Dark tradecraft
19 Say Or Do The Aggrolites Summertime time
20 What Can I Say The Brian Jonestown Massacre The whirling shining lights
21 Not Angry The Emergency Somewhat forgiving, then
23 Cadaver Sniffing Dog The Mountain Goats Such a grim topic
24 Me And Bobby McGee Janis Joplin Pure Texas
25 Get Away A Giant Dog Count it down
26 Vomit Coffin King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard How pleasant
28 She's A Machine The Smugglers One of Elvis’ more obscure
29 Fire Tonight The Woolly Bushmen Hot stuff
30 כשנפוליאון יכבוש את עכו Habiluim Something about Napeolon
31 Mushroom Hunter Animal Eyes Look carefully
33 Good Red Road World Standard Spooky like Sukia
34 I Could Be Happy Nouvelle Vague Originally by Altered Images
35 In The Sun She & Him A good match
36 Around The World Nikka Costa Quite the funk
38 Bad Idea The Devil Makes Three Bad idea jeans
39 Old Heads Chad VanGaalen No one cares
40 If I Had A Reason Thee Oh Sees Fever dream
42 Lawrence of California Mekons From the other side of the desert
43 Mozzarella (Gaeten Fabri Remix) Kal Flammy drumming
44 Me Gustas Tu Manu Chao The things we like
46 Don The Struggle Andrew Bird Not quite straightforward
47 Moi mon âme et ma conscience Paris Combo More swing madness
48 Deathwish The Police People think that I’m insane
49 Timber Coldcut & Hexstatic Chopped up
51 We Are Sex Bob-omb Sex Bob-omb Actually Beck
52 Eye of Fatima (Pt. 1) Camper Van Beethoven Gave the cowboys some acid
53 El Último Habitante Del Planeta (Featuring Gema Corredera) Mastretta The last man on Earth
55 Cave-o-sapien Wolf Parade Rollicking good time