Groove Them Move Them

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

The Aggrolites The Aggrolites

The chauffeur peered at the rear-view mirror. The scattered reflection from the rain-slicked A7 revealed only headlights, no politely alarming Luxembourg police flashers. The Corniche bulleted down the roadway, the flutter of its diplomatic flags the only sign that it wasn’t standing dead still. Some miles away, in Ettelbruck, the authorities were coming to the conclusion that the altercation at Chez Fred had been a distraction. In the back seat, the jeweler closed the briefcase, satisfied with its contents.

In this episode: Ages And Ages, The Aggrolites, Aluminum Babe, Apostle of Hustle, Bad Bad Hats, Black Tambourine, Café Tacvba, Camera Obscura, Casper Fandango, Cate Le Bon, CJ Ramone, David Garza, Devo, Downtown Boys, Forro In The Dark, French Vanilla, Great Grandpa, Gry with F.M. Einheit, Insects Vs Robots, Je Suis France, Jimi Hendrix, Jr. Jr., Late BP Helium, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Los Amigos Invisibles, The Mystery Lights, Orville Peck, Pacha Massive, The Presidents of The United States of America, The Rad Trads, Reptaliens, Slavic Soul Party, Smoove & Turrell, Solid Bronze, Southern Culture On The Skids, Stereolab, Tacocat, Thee Oh Sees, Urban Dance Squad, Versing, Woods, The Wrens

  Song Artist Notes
1 Groove Them, Move Them The Aggrolites Sunny side startup
2 You Could've Been A Lady Smoove & Turrell Northern soul disco time
3 Deeper Shade Of Soul Urban Dance Squad Mellow
5 Miami Cate Le Bon Majestic, orchestral
6 Block Of Ice Thee Oh Sees An introspective version
7 I Know David Garza Subtle fades
8 Roses Are Falling Orville Peck It’s very romantic
10 Ça Plane Pour Moi Aluminum Babe Francophonic frenxy
11 Friendly Fire French Vanilla Flashback throwback
12 Captain EasyChord Stereolab Shifting measures
14 Girl Bad Bad Hats Driving forward
15 NYC Jr. Jr. So many the people
16 My Neighbor Burns Trash Southern Culture On The Skids Everyone’s had one
17 The Invisible Man Solid Bronze Sultry mood
19 Run Evil Spirit Lee "Scratch" Perry New dub, good dub
20 If You Want it Pacha Massive Proceed with stealth
21 Look-Ka Py Py Slavic Soul Party WIth some NOLA spice
23 Crystal Ball Tacocat Such a lovely racket
24 Drown Black Tambourine From a distance underwater
25 You Told A Lie Camera Obscura For Generoso and Lily
26 Sweet, Innocent You Reptaliens Cotton candy for the ears
28 Nothing Serious Ages And Ages Winding about
29 We Are Not Going To Make It The Presidents of The United States of America Drummers who can drum
30 My Friend Jimi Hendrix Unsung Hendrix
32 Entryism Versing Epic thrill ride
33 Mosey Home Casper Fandango Bring the wizards!
34 That Don't Work That Well For Us Je Suis France My boys they live for danger
35 Soul Unwind Apostle of Hustle Unwind then rewind
37 Movin' On CJ Ramone The Social D sound
38 Gates of Steel Devo Skateramps and halfpipes
39 Princess Crocodile Gry with F.M. Einheit Unlikely electroswing
41 Mujer Policia Los Amigos Invisibles Recognize the handwriting
42 Índios Do Norte Forro In The Dark Sparks in the bonfire
43 La Locomotora Café Tacvba Trains are rolling
44 My Place The Rad Trads Burning up
46 Can't Get Through To My Head The Mystery Lights I got the tremolo fuzzies
47 The Weeping Soul Late BP Helium Quite elephanty
48 Darlin' Darlin' The Wrens Where am I gonna get some sleep
50 Teen Challenge Great Grandpa Spanning generations
51 Morning Light Woods Chimes of awakening
52 Because You Downtown Boys They’re not taking it from you
54 Infection (Time Grows Thin) Insects Vs Robots Moving through light