Dead Of Night

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Orville Peck Orville Peck

Once above the canopy, it was impossible to see the green-winged hang-gliders that the archeologist and the mercenary had used to enter the Antananarivo bird sanctuary. Going through Customs had been dicey, the parts for the flying machines had been dispersed with various kinds of unassembled patio furniture, but the quality of the materials still stood out. Fortunately, the mercenary had brought up the Madagascar goth metal scene and distracted the functionaries into stamping passports and waving them through. They hadn’t even asked about the Geiger counter.

In this episode: Bogdan Raczynski, Cage The Elephant, Cayucas, Cilantro Boombox, The Clash, Count Basic, DJ Shadow, Emily Reo, Gabin, Giraffes, I Am The World Trade Center, Jagwar Ma, John Vanderslice, John Wesley Harding, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Kocani Orkestar, La Dame Blanche, Madder Rose, The Minders, Muffulletta, Nick Lowe, Nirvana, Orville Peck, Øzwald, Panda Bear, Pixies, Pom Poko, The Pretenders, Señor Coconut vs. Koçani Orkestar, The Soft Boys, Starlight Mints, Stephen Malkmus, Sucka MCs, Surfer Blood, Telekinesis, They Might Be Giants, Tiny Masters of Today, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Tony Allen, Ty Segall, Vibes, Ween, The Woolly Bushmen

  Song Artist Notes
1 Dead Of Night Orville Peck High yodel
2 Manta Ray Pixies So unmastered
3 White Shoe Blues The Soft Boys I have a soft spot for them
5 I Got Shit To Lose John Vanderslice Off kiltering
6 Inner Monologue Panda Bear Creepy fingerpicking
7 Ruler Of My Heart Madder Rose Going swimmingly
8 Phosphenes Emily Reo Handclaps!
10 Lupin 3 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Unstoppable
11 Love For Money Cilantro Boombox Pocket check
12 Submarine #3 Starlight Mints Holy shazam
13 Technicolour Sky Øzwald A glorious expanse
15 My Relatively Obscure Tastes Muffulletta It’s a long list
16 Mentira La Dame Blanche Such lies
17 Siki, Siki Baba Kocani Orkestar Strict strict father
18 Bang Bang to the Rock N Roll Gabin Sounds like good advice
20 Suburban Streetlight Drunk Telekinesis It’s the bounce
21 Inside Your Head I Am The World Trade Center A dizzying shuffle
22 Message of Love The Pretenders Swoop and dive
24 If U Want Me 2 Stay Pom Poko Nothing to do with Sly
25 Clash City Rockers The Clash Can’t go wrong
26 Rainbow Chaser Nirvana From 1968
27 Forget Your Place Stephen Malkmus Hypnotic
29 Floating Vibes Surfer Blood West Palm boys
30 Ordinary Jagwar Ma That new funk
31 Millvale, PA Karl Denson's Tiny Universe It’s a funky town
33 Marie Provost Nick Lowe She was a winner
34 What Yer Doing To Me The Woolly Bushmen Such a fun disaster
35 The Devil In Me John Wesley Harding We all have one
36 Nothin' 2 Looz Giraffes Blue Ballew
38 Real Life Cayucas Get ready to indie dance
39 Talkin' Ty Segall Kind of a drawl
40 End Of My Rope Tiny Masters of Today Kids these days
42 Scale It Back ft. Little Dragon (LP VERSION) DJ Shadow Transatlantic collaboration
43 My Love I Love Bogdan Raczynski Subtle tinkles
44 Steady Eddie Vibes Cool cool
46 Dairy Queen (DJ Donger Jazzy Mix) Sucka MCs We can rule the scene
47 Usti, Usti Baba Señor Coconut vs. Koçani Orkestar Redux
48 The Fruit Man Ween The fish is fresh
49 Crazy Afrobeat Tony Allen Unmistakable drumbeat
51 Frida The Minders Still fresh
52 Mess Around Cage The Elephant Don’t do it
53 Mr. Xcitement They Might Be Giants What a collaboration
55 Speechless Drum & Bass (Remixed by Kruder & Dorfmeister) Count Basic It’s a haunting twang