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Big Thief Big Thief

The catamarine knifed silently upstream, its passage discernible only as a faint twin wake on the surface of the river. Up ahead, the sonar array was already picking up the turbulence from the Mbocaruzú falls, the staccato warning pings slicing neatly between the Mozambique big-band swing being piped into the earpieces. In their individual pods, the cartographer and the miner reviewed their maps, surveys, and orders. Up ahead, behind the rushing down-flow of the water and completely out of sight, a set of steel doors silently opened and awaited the pair’s arrival.

In this episode: The Band Of Heathens, Big Thief, Bishop Allen, The Blue Beats, Boom Pam, Cake, Camper Van Beethoven, Canoe, Cate Le Bon, Cayucas, CJ Ramone, Cornershop, Cul De Sac, David Garza, The Devil Makes Three, Elvis Costello + The Attractions, Elysian Fields, Heavy Vegetable, The Hummingbirds, La Dame Blanche, Lisa Germano, Low Cut Connie, Lush, Man Man, Marcellus Hall, Mike Watt, New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, Nots, Okey Dokey, Orville Peck, Pascal Comelade + Les Liminanas, Plastilina Mosh vs Tonino Carotone y chalo de Volován, Pom Poko, Ravi Harris, Schneider TM, Sex Clark Five, The Soft Boys, Son Volt, Sonny & The Sunsets, Stephen Malkmus, Stereo MC's, Tacocat, Wargirl, White Denim, The Wild Reeds

  Song Artist Notes
1 Cattails Big Thief Skip the beat
2 Kiss Chase Lush Signature phasing
3 La Sirenita Plastilina Mosh vs Tonino Carotone y chalo de Volován Mermaid tales
5 Ave Maria La Dame Blanche High drama
6 Masters Schneider TM Eating up the miles
7 Weijl Boom Pam Aggressive tuba
8 Drove Up From Pedro Mike Watt Star spiel
10 One High One Low CJ Ramone It’s very Ramone
11 Fever Stereo MC's Always time for some disco funk
12 Reversed Mirror White Denim Flashes of lightning
13 All At Once Canoe Redlining the redline
15 Someday I'd Like To Be An Artist Sonny & The Sunsets Wouldn’t we all
16 Modern Chemistry Okey Dokey Torchy torch
17 Float Away David Garza I’m not going to the river
18 Star Elysian Fields Still going
20 Hologram Tacocat Palindromic
21 Detention Girls Sex Clark Five Live and faint
22 Dimmer Bishop Allen Are we dimmer every day?
24 Kansas (Remembers Me Now) Orville Peck Tumbleweeding
25 Chains Are Broken The Devil Makes Three Bringing some twang
26 Happiness Lisa Germano Pensive drone
27 The Ballad Of Butter Beans Man Man Crazy vibes
29 Mother's Mother's Magazines Cate Le Bon Spirit of Laurie Anderson
30 Crash Heavy Vegetable Crash crash crash crash
31 Giving Up On You The Wild Reeds Bright Los Angeles pop that’s not from LA
32 Follow The Lights Pom Poko Lurching along
34 Reality Winner Son Volt What has she done?
35 I Bombed Korea Cake My engines sang into the salty sky
36 Palestina New Orleans Klezmer All Stars A roundabout musical journey
37 Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again Cornershop Road song
39 How You Feel Wargirl Sassy
40 Alimony The Hummingbirds Australian gold
41 Love the Door Stephen Malkmus Forgot the one somewhere
43 Thinking Of You The Blue Beats The real deal
44 Tina Camper Van Beethoven What does it mean?
45 Green Grass Of California The Band Of Heathens Green green grass
46 Low Nots Sharp and angular
48 Jessica WJ Cayucas Blasting from the dorm room
49 Back Where I Started Marcellus Hall It’s all circular
50 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? Elvis Costello + The Attractions Timeless
51 Angela Low Cut Connie As seen from afar
53 My Evaline The Soft Boys Say you’ll be mine
54 A Wall Of Perrukes Pascal Comelade + Les Liminanas Hit that kazoo
55 Ravi's Thing Ravi Harris Find the beat
57 Etaoin Shrdlu Cul De Sac Popular letters only