Upbeat Ritual

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Oh Sees Oh Sees

The haberdasher heard a light thump and roll, then felt something tap against a shoe. It was a peach pit. Looking up from the stack of brochures, they saw the orthodontist grinning and wiping their mouth with a sleeve, glancing at the gap on the blanket where the fruit was drying in the sun, clearly suggesting that perhaps another one was in order. The tandem moped leaned against the back of the Gate of Hercules, shielded by its bulk from the bright Croatian summer sun. The peaches had hours to go, and they had forgotten to bring a game., having only whatever reading material they had managed to scrape up in the Hotel Pula lobby.

In this episode: Arto Lindsay, Camper Van Beethoven, Cass McCombs, Chris Murray, Combustible Edison, Cream, Creation Rebel, David Garza, Delta Moon, Elvis Costello, Fantastic Negrito, The Fearless Flyers, The Gaslamp Killer, Girlpool, Gorillaz, Great Shapes, Guv'ner, Hypnolovewheel, illuminati hotties, The Just Joans, Kaki King, Khruangbin, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Locksley, Mike Pinto, Milo Binder, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir, Nano Banton, Nico, Nortec Collective, Oh Sees, Old 97's, Otoboke Beaver - おとぼけビ〜バ〜, Pinback, PJ Harvey, Push Kings, Shibboleth, Sneaks, Solex, Split Lip Rayfield, Superchunk, Surfer Blood, that dog., They Might Be Giants, Tipsy, Yello

  Song Artist Notes
1 Upbeat Ritual Oh Sees It’s that thumping
2 Harmonix Surfer Blood Chiming sounds
3 Hey! Hey! Moby & The Void Pacific Choir Getting your attention
5 Nate Smith Is the Ace of Aces The Fearless Flyers Of this there is no doubt
6 Pump It Up Elvis Costello When you don’t really need it
7 Shake It Up Nortec Collective March to shake
8 That's That Cass McCombs Eating up the miles
10 Another Doomed Relationship The Just Joans Synthopia beckons
11 First Form Great Shapes Bring your own disco lights
12 A Penny For Your Brain Shibboleth Sesame avenue
13 Carnival Of Souls Combustible Edison Spooooky
15 melatonezone illuminati hotties Unsettled rhumba
16 Down By The Water (Demo) PJ Harvey Even more raw
17 Closer to Me Mike Pinto Just Mike and his guitar
18 Time (You and I) Khruangbin Channeling Tom Tom Club
20 These Are My Friends Fantastic Negrito Growling admission
21 Born Stoned Push Kings Never change my mind
22 Junior Pyromaniacs Hypnolovewheel Just getting started
24 The Dropouts Old 97's The same ole lament
25 Coffee Split Lip Rayfield It’s critical
26 La Costa Perdida Camper Van Beethoven Showing their roots
27 Steamed Juicy Little Bun Kaki King High aspirations
29 Core Shift Yello Same low hustle
30 Clint Eastwood Gorillaz All the way to the beginning
31 Into The Sun Locksley Glorious harmonies
32 Sanity Sneaks Mother’s little helper, updated
34 Kinder David Garza It's in my back pocket
35 Dancing Queen Milo Binder Clear away the clutter
36 These Days Nico Fragile as steel
37 Coolest Fools Delta Moon The juiciest
39 Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing Superchunk A bold choice
40 From Nothing No Where Pinback Urgent missive
41 Baby's Way Cruel Guv'ner Way cruel
43 Yoruba Nano Banton Feeling tribal
44 Oops Tipsy The navigation computer malfunctions
45 One Everything Chris Murray Join the singularity
46 Static Somewhere Girlpool Keeping it steady
48 S'il vous plait - シルブプレ Otoboke Beaver - おとぼけビ〜バ〜 Highly charged
49 We Must Bleed that dog. Originally by the Germs
50 Number Three They Might Be Giants Must keep track
51 That's What You Get With People Like That On Cruises Like These... Solex Distracting kilter
53 Moving On The Gaslamp Killer Clattering away
54 Tales of Brave Ulysses Cream Tiny purple fishes
55 Whirlwind Arto Lindsay Spinning around
56 Space Movement Section 4 Creation Rebel The Mars-Ceres leg, I believe
58 Rattlesnake King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Weirdly sliced riffs