Mixtape 138 :: Political Song

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Superchunk Superchunk

Supremely independent for going on three decades, Superchunk’s incisive nervous energy is still one of the purest indie highs you can find.

In this episode: Apache Dropout, Austra, Bomba Estereo, Cake, Cass McCombs, Chad VanGaalen, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Deke Dickerson, Elvis Costello, Faith Healer, Fantastic Negrito, The Fearless Flyers, The Front Bottoms, Gorillaz, Great Grandpa, Guv'ner, Hypnolovewheel, Locksley, The Magnetic Fields, MC Frontalot, Nortec Collective, The Orwells, Pinback, Push Kings, Rilo Kiley, The Safes, Sneaks, Superchunk, Yello, Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing Superchunk A bold choice
2 From Nothing To Nowhere Pinback Urgent missive
3 Baby's Way Cruel Guv'ner Way cruel
5 Up So Close Cake Nice and drumless
6 Captains of Industry (ft. MC Lars) MC Frontalot All of those who sell t-shirts
7 Andrew In Drag The Magnetic Fields Hard to mistake that voice
9 These Are My Friends Fantastic Negrito Growling admission
10 Born Stoned Push Kings Never change my mind
11 Junior Pyromaniacs Hypnolovewheel Just getting started
13 Rock 'n' Roll Pest Control Young Fresh Fellows Been thinking about vacation trip?
14 Candy Bar Apache Dropout What is up wiith these guys
15 Lays At Rest The Orwells Return of the Seattle slop
16 La Boquilla Bomba Estereo Esta elextrico
18 Core Shift Yello Same low hustle
19 Clint Eastwood Gorillaz All the way to the beginning
20 Into The Sun Locksley Glorious harmonies
21 Sanity Sneaks Mother’s little helper, updated
23 Bop Wax Deke Dickerson It's all about the records
24 Au Revoir (Adios) The Front Bottoms Hitting it hard
25 It'll Get You There Rilo Kiley Their Bettie Serveer-est
26 Bloodshot Eyes Cherry Poppin' Daddies Back and burning with vengeance
28 Nate Smith Is the Ace of Aces The Fearless Flyers Of this there is no doubt
29 Pump It Up Elvis Costello When you don’t really need it
30 Shake It Up Nortec Collective March to shake
31 That's That Cass McCombs Eating up the miles
33 Golden Oceans Chad VanGaalen Drenched in reverb
34 Mediocre Jokers The Safes There are plenty of them
35 NO Great Grandpa Frantic crashing pop mess
36 Light of Loving Faith Healer Droning in the zone
38 Beat and The Pulse (Still Going remix) Austra ICU music