Star Chambered

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking

The paper bag sounded unusually loud as the pair passed it back and forth, sharing the dried apricots as they waited in line for the exhibit to open. Once again, their contact was to be intercepted in the gift shop, according to the dossier that they had found taped under the back seat of the Combi. The ornithologist scanned the sky for any migratory species, though they really should have known better. The magistrate felt at ease with the assignment; this was their first visit to Ankara, but the premise behind the Ulucanlar Prison Museum was quite familiar.

In this episode: Artichoke, Ashtech, Bananagun, Big Sugar, Billy Martin, The Blue Hawaiians, The Boneless Children Foundation, Built To Spill, The Cambodian Space Project, The Chats, Cheo, Colorstore, The Decibels!, Deerhoof, Duo Brothers, Eats Tapes, Euphone, Fantastic Negrito, The Fearless Flyers, The Gaslamp Killer, The Greyboy Allstars, Habibi, The Just Joans, Ken Nordine, Kevin Ayers & The Whole Wide World, Lettuce, The Mekons, Messer Chups, Nano Banton, Paint, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Pretenders, The Rentals, The Replacements, The Skatalites, Sweet Spirit, Tim Maia, Tosca, Ween, The Who, Woods, X, Yello, Youth + Hollie Cook

  Song Artist Notes
1 Star Chambered X Weirdly fierce
2 Wild and Blue The Mekons Always time for a country waltz
3 Alex Chilton The Replacements In love with this song
5 Chocolate Samurai Fantastic Negrito Time for higher ground
6 Assassin The Fearless Flyers Killing it
7 The Skipper The Greyboy Allstars Grooving with the little buddy
8 Children of Popcorn Messer Chups Surf St. Petersburg
10 Better Than You The Chats Probably right
11 Ta Fardah Paint An incantation
12 Bloody Rainbow Built To Spill Originally by Daniel Johnston
13 Fingerprints Sweet Spirit A stately pace
15 Holiday The Just Joans The days are just a blah
16 Sun City Creeps Woods Creeping around
17 Blue Cash Deerhoof Addled brain blues
18 One Note Duo Brothers The wind-down
20 Trasnocho Entre Semana Cheo Up all night
21 People Talk Too Much Bananagun Afrobeat time
22 Broken Hearted Wo-Man The Cambodian Space Project To the heart of the sun
24 Waba Duba Yello Still fit for cruising
25 Mt. Crushmore Lettuce The crushiest
26 Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes Kevin Ayers & The Whole Wide World Thank you stranger
27 Leeds Like To Party Eats Tapes Breakfast machine time
29 Blue Butterfly (feat. Kid Moxie) The Gaslamp Killer Bossa me
30 Energia Racional Tim Maia More is needed
31 Charles Francis Richter Artichoke Important facts
32 Substitute The Who For Keith
34 Super Market Nano Banton Let’s go shopping
35 DNA Ashtech Dub genetics
36 Orange Ken Nordine Silly old color
37 Guns Of Navarone The Skatalites Blasting away
39 In Doubly Billy Martin Clearly a Spinal Tap reference
40 Jockey Full Of Bourbon The Blue Hawaiians Originally by Tom Waits
41 Let Me Roll It Big Sugar Gives you Wings
43 Something New The Decibels! Big power pop
44 Carl Sagan The Boneless Children Foundation Billions of stars
45 Hate Everyone But You Habibi Very many Cub
47 Teen Beat Cosmonaut The Rentals Buzz that moog
48 Treasure Sticks The Mamma (And Other Situations) Colorstore Kept off-balance
49 Didn't Want to Be This Lonely Pretenders Unmistakable delivery
51 Mango Woman Ween Woy-yoy, woah-yeh
52 Breaking Shells Youth + Hollie Cook Throwback flashforward
53 Nick is Ryan Euphone In two acts
54 Fuck Dub / Haaksman Version Tosca Suggestive
56 Push Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra Rolling thunder