Morning Song

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Babe Rainbow Babe Rainbow

The carpenter took a leisurely walk around the perimeter. In the weird light cone projected by the light they had installed at the top of the can, the ropes they had used to rappel down looked like the undulating tentacles of a mysterious jellyfish. Outside the cylindrical building that very deliberately resembled an oversized Coca Cola can, the security guard’s radio played Chicago sambas into the crisp Manitoba evening as he idly played his flashlight over the bushes outside. The choreographer stifled a giggle. On one of the ornithopters parked atop the domed top, next to an opening that looked like someone forgot to bring a canopener, a single LED began to blink. The mission was running out of time.

In this episode: 10cc, Afrosonics, Babe Rainbow, Bettie Serveert, The Bird + the Bee, The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, Bracket, Caravan Palace, Cones, Elvis Costello, The Essex Green, Family Of God, Foxygen, Frankie Cosmos, The Heroine Sheiks, His Name Is Alive, Honus Honus, Howe Gelb, Iggy Pop, Le Big Zero, Led Zeppelin, Los Straitjackets, Madeleine Peyroux, Mood Elevator, The Moore Brothers, Nick Lowe, Oh Sees, The Paranoyds, The Pretenders, Purple Mountains, Roy Loney and the Young Fresh Fellows, Sébastien Tellier, Self, Sex Bob-omb, Sheer Mag, Smooth Hound Smith, The Squirrels, Supersuckers, Surfer Blood, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists, They Might Be Giants, To Rococo Rot, Twin Peaks, Ultra Vivid Scene, Versus, Violent Femmes, Vulfpeck, Walrus, What It Is, Yellow Second, Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 Morning Song Babe Rainbow Koalas, Bananas, Donovan
2 The Puppet The Moore Brothers Written on the handball court
3 Piango Howe Gelb Spiced with Calexico
4 Captain Of Maybe Bettie Serveert Lowland brilliance
6 This Free Ride Violent Femmes Enjoy it while it lasts
7 I Palindrome I They Might Be Giants Forwards, reversed
8 University Versus Campus daze
9 Fantino Sébastien Tellier Harmonic oscillation hypnosis
11 I Need A Lickin' The Bobby Tenderloin Universe Must’ve been mocking
12 I Couldn't Spell !!-@! Roy Loney and the Young Fresh Fellows Originally from Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
13 I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) The Squirrels From the Jungle Book
14 Undecided Yellow Second Fuzzy hooks
16 Under A Smile Twin Peaks Have a wobble
17 Polite Dance Song The Bird + the Bee A stately gavotte
18 Flying Island Cones Droppy beats
19 Snatch Family Of God Stadium rock
20 Sonali Iggy Pop Unexpected
22 Canned from the Food Drive Bracket Original masters
23 Garbage Truck Sex Bob-omb Super Becky
24 I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You'd Like To Know) Young Fresh Fellows Good to know
25 Face Stabber Oh Sees No mincing words
27 Storyline Fever Purple Mountains A clear narrative
28 The Late Great Cassiopeia The Essex Green Eating up the miles
29 My Mood Swings Elvis Costello Movies time
30 Baby You Feel Me Up His Name Is Alive Take the top down
32 Oversure Le Big Zero Like Pop Canon
33 Blood from a Stone Sheer Mag Old style snarl
34 Tell Me Walrus Fast for a pinniped
35 Staring At The Sun Ultra Vivid Scene Just can’t bear to look away
37 Hungry Sam The Paranoyds Dangerous harmonics
38 Work Foxygen Fun factory
39 Jet Powered Afrosonics Badonkadonk 5
40 Rings (On A Tree) Frankie Cosmos Sweetness
41 I'm Not In Love 10cc Submerge yourself in the Mellotron
43 April Caravan Palace Wild swings
44 Careless Love Madeleine Peyroux Such an easy swagger
45 Brass in Pocket (I'm Special) The Pretenders Make you notice
46 Heavy Jesus Honus Honus More dark carnival
48 Windy Surfer Blood Strange relation
49 I Want The Drugs Supersuckers Getting to the point
50 3-Banger The Heroine Sheiks Whistling danger
51 Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin Bonzo busts out
53 Second Hand News Smooth Hound Smith Interesting twist
54 American Squirm Nick Lowe Our modern times
55 Raging Eyes Los Straitjackets She’s got ragin’ eyes
56 Cannon Self Highly dynamic
58 Daddy, He Got a Tesla Vulfpeck That breakdown
59 Beginner's Luck Mood Elevator With Brendan Benson
60 Gimme The Wire Ted Leo + The Pharmacists Underutilized
61 Cars To Rococo Rot Stopping starting stopping
63 Peanut What It Is Florida funkmasters