I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

KAFM Grand Junction, 10pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Ezra Furman Ezra Furman

Out of all the ways there were to get into Zugdidi — they could have taken the ekranoplan, for example — the agency had chosen the bus. This exasperated the developer to no end. Their gear sat somewhere in the guts of the green behemoth, guarded by six different hardware and software protocols, but it still felt queasy to be so far removed from it. The meteorologist peered across the botanical garden to the Dadiani palaces. Somewhere in there, a nondescript yogurt stand would have a small radio playing Konnakkol techno. They were to purchase two cones and overpay. Instructions would follow.

In this episode: Babe Rainbow, Ben Folds Five, Benjamin Gibbard, Boom Pam, Brother Big Bad, Caravan Palace, Cinerama, Combustible Edison, Dread Zeppelin, The Elected, Ezra Furman, The Fearless Flyers, Flat Duo Jets, Frankie Cosmos, The Fucking Eagles, Holly Golightly, Karnataka College Of Percussion, King Kong, The Kiss Offs, Le Big Zero, Le Couleur, Listing Ships, Owsley, The Paranoyds, Pluxus, Purple Mountains, Ra Ra Riot, The Rants, Smooth Hound Smith, Southern Culture On The Skids, The Specials, Thee Oh Sees, Twin Peaks, Velvet Negroni, Violent Femmes

  Song Artist Notes
1 I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend Ezra Furman Old tyme
2 Let Me Find The Good In You The Kiss Offs Organ grind
3 When I Will Be Loved The Fucking Eagles Updated
4 Monkey Man The Specials For Generoso … happy G-day!
6 Funky I Like It Babe Rainbow Let’s get mellow
7 Indian Summer Benjamin Gibbard Originally by Beat Happening
8 ONE ONE Velvet Negroni Fingerscrapes
9 A Check for Daniel Ra Ra Riot Devo-esque
10 Quiver Of Grain The Rants Undercover
12 Face First The Paranoyds Music for driving too fast
13 Casey's Groove Twin Peaks Pulsing strong
14 Waiting Room Holly Golightly Not the Fugazi song
15 Everlasting You Violent Femmes Very somber
17 Swampers (feat. Chris Thile) The Fearless Flyers Funky mando
18 Rouge à lèvres Le Couleur Brief stereo labbing
19 Cadillac Combustible Edison From La Dolce Vita
20 The Souvlak Boom Pam Opa!
21 This Is Home Brother Big Bad Mysterious band
23 She’s Making Friends, I’m Turning Stranger Purple Mountains A voice that will be missed
24 My Baby's A Dick The Elected California jitters
25 With Great Purpose Frankie Cosmos Delicate tinkles
26 Sonny Boy Owsley Another lost soul
28 Miracle Caravan Palace Dance the world
29 Business Pluxus Your digital barista
30 Block Of Ice Thee Oh Sees Cold cold cold
31 Jackson Cannery Ben Folds Five Stop the bus
33 Dryer Lint Trap Le Big Zero Falling down the musical stairs
34 Kudzu Limbo Southern Culture On The Skids How low can you go?
35 Hate Cinerama I’m glad you agree
36 Dirty City Rainy Day King Kong Outta KY
38 Life Isn't Fair Smooth Hound Smith The sweet major third
39 Baise Ça Listing Ships French cussing
40 Little M Flat Duo Jets Kid stuff
41 Konnakkol Karnataka College Of Percussion Classic technique
43 Black Dog Dread Zeppelin Costard paie