Carnage Bargain

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Paranoyds The Paranoyds

Would the tour of palaces never end? Having visited several monarchical residences, the cobbler had become habitually underwhelmed with the perpetual ostentation. Taking a seat at a padded bench to admire the mosaics of Dar al-Makhzen, the topologist hummed a Balkan square-dancing melody. The ancient Land Cruiser that had brought them here, well-cared for and highly-modified, sat in a modern parking lot that clashed with the surrounding Moroccan geometry. They pretended to take some selfies while monitoring the 360° camera feed coming from the vehicle.

In this episode: Asylum Street Spankers, Babe Rainbow, Barry Black, Ben Folds Five, The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, The Budos Band, Cake, Caravan Palace, Cones, Counterfeit Madison, Dr. Frank, Dr. Octagon, Ezra Furman, Fetchin' Bones, Gogol Bordello, Greezy Wheels, Guaxe, HalfNoise, Hanuman Care Kit, The Harlem Shakes, Hasil Adkins, Hissanol, Igmo, Le Big Zero, Let's Crash, Locksley, Madness, The Misfits, Mitsoura, Money Mark, Moon Duo, The Moonlandingz, The Negro Problem, The Paranoyds, Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, Smooth Hound Smith, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Sturgill Simpson, Television, They Might Be Giants, Twin Peaks, Velvet Negroni, Woods, Zzzz

  Song Artist Notes
1 Carnage Bargain The Paranoyds Don’t get in their way
2 Ain't No Good Cake Nice and thick
3 Better Than Stoned Twin Peaks Like the Sugar Oaks
4 Stray Fetchin' Bones Hope Nicholls is something else
6 Something New Babe Rainbow Hot jacuzzi
7 KURT KOBAIN Velvet Negroni Wait, who’s Charley?
8 Let Me Know Locksley Power power pop
9 What Can You Do But Rock 'n' Roll Ezra Furman Stay angry
11 D.R.I.N.K. Asylum Street Spankers Originally by the Jazz Butcher
12 Chocolate Milk Honeymoon Hasil Adkins The original wildman
13 Three Shades of Lonely (feat. Luther Dickinson) Smooth Hound Smith Very greasy
14 Hell Squirrel Nut Zippers Double old time
16 Pupilxs Guaxe Braziledelia
17 Sweet Saturn Mine The Moonlandingz Off to space
18 Cult Of Moloch Moon Duo Hypnosis
20 Who Could You Be HalfNoise The new dance
21 Get In The Bushes Let's Crash We’ll have a good time
22 Lady Waters and the Hooded One Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians Legendary
24 About You (feat. Charles X) Caravan Palace True swagger
25 Everyday I Die a Little Money Mark On the money
26 Sweet 'n Sour Hissanol Frantic mail order
27 Ronin Sturgill Simpson Anime style
29 Moonstone Cones Autumnal sounds
30 Dead Wrong, Clearly Treading Le Big Zero Drive fast, eyes closed
31 Land Of Hope And Glory Madness We have some new recruits
32 Lei Toi Mitsoura Konnakol tekno
34 In The Combines The Bobby Tenderloin Universe Gets hot in there
35 Vanessa From Queens Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks The time of your life
36 Sports & Wine Ben Folds Five Good combos
37 The Take Woods Rolling
39 Coma Counterfeit Madison A force of nature
40 Carpetbaggers The Harlem Shakes Catchy
41 Up From The South The Budos Band Like a hot churro
43 Mercury Blues Greezy Wheels Fast and louche
44 The Famous Polka They Might Be Giants As many years I’ve lived in this city
45 Assassination Polka Zzzz Happy fun assassination polka
46 Sacred Darling Gogol Bordello Hutz it out
48 Hollywood Babylon The Misfits So very noir
49 Chump Igmo Dang
50 Repulsion The Negro Problem Stew is criminally unknown
51 Train of Pain Barry Black A long cruel train
53 Halfsharkalligatorhalfman Dr. Octagon Bathtime
54 Sleepless Sade Hanuman Care Kit Candid appraisal
55 Knock Knock Dr. Frank Who’s there?
57 Marquee Moon Television Punk minimalism