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by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Caravan Palace Caravan Palace

The Sasha river was running dry, and the aerialist maneuvered his craft to take advantage of the fact. As they moved swiftly along the crumbling banks, exoskeletal legs easily scrabbling over the terrain in an unearthly three-limbed gait, they encountered sun-baked sections where a trickle fed a series of pools on the cracking river bottom, animals congregated around them in a temporary truce. They hadn’t seen a human since Saturday, a fact that concerned the actuary more than the dry river, and the attempted distraction of some Guatemalan gamelan techno was not working. In its steel box, the package of Peanut Butter Crunch patiently rustled and awaited its delivery.

In this episode: Alfie, Babe Rainbow, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, The Bobby Tenderloin Universe, Boom Pam, Brainiac, Camper Van Beethoven, Captain Beefheart, Caravan Palace, Coyle & Sharpe, David Bowie, Ezra Furman, Foxygen, Frankie Cosmos, Gilberto Gil, House of Freaks, Iggy Pop, Jay Som, Jenny Toomey, Jimmy Nations Combo, Le Big Zero, Low, Magnetix, Mitch & Mickey, Money Mark, The Moog Cookbook, Oranger, Ozomatli, Pepe Deluxe, Petra Haden and Bill Frisell, Petty Booka, The Philistines Jr., Ra Ra Riot, The Raconteurs, The Shivas, Solex, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, Swell, Tipsy, Treat Her Right, Ultra Vivid Scene, Violent Femmes, XTC, Zero Zero

  Song Artist Notes
1 Supersonics Caravan Palace Perks you up
2 Radio Apeshot Brainiac Waiting for the movie to stream…
3 Pictures Of Matchstick Men Camper Van Beethoven Originally by Status Quo
5 Don't Know Any Le Big Zero Spastic pop symphony
6 The More You Say You Know Blue Skies for Black Hearts Straight outta Portland
7 Endless Pain / Endless Joy Ra Ra Riot Heavy artillery
8 Cake for Pronoun Coyle & Sharpe My cohorts at work and I will consume it
10 Crown Jay Som Slipping into Lush
11 John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man Petra Haden and Bill Frisell A real trifecta
12 Towers Of London XTC True punk roots
13 I’m Nothing (feat. Stefan Janoski) Violent Femmes True nihilism
15 The Thing Is Foxygen Sounding quite Bossy
16 Malibu Boom Pam Tuba surf
17 Ten More Minutes to Live House of Freaks Grim thoughts
18 The Lighthouse Keeper Alfie Pastoral tick tock
20 Campus Life The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Hott funkk
21 Summer Blue Money Mark Summer cool
22 Mere Imposters Solex Kicking the toy box
23 Pussy Cat Rocks Pepe Deluxe Hissss
25 James Bond Iggy Pop Slow it down
26 Rebel Rebel David Bowie Hot tramp
27 Xanadu Zero Zero Spiraling through a dream
28 This Swirling Frankie Cosmos Strums
30 Your Inarticulate Boyfriend Jenny Toomey He can barely form a compound sentence
31 Ukulele Lady Petty Booka Super adorbs
32 Suddenly Upsidedown Oranger Best of 2001
34 Sandpaper One Side, Rubber On The Other The Bobby Tenderloin Universe The new dark country
35 Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) The Raconteurs Originally by Donovan
36 Back Door Treat Her Right Howling at the back door
37 (I Know) The Trip Swell Losing count
39 Rated R Crusaders Ezra Furman The start and the stop
40 Buddy Holly The Moog Cookbook Intro via Jean-Michel Jarre
41 April 29th, 1992 (Miami) Ozomatli Quite sublime
43 Madalena Gilberto Gil Brazil classic
44 Wet Rainbow Tipsy Stretching through space
45 The Kindest Cut Ultra Vivid Scene Whispered entreaties
46 Sunflower Low Ancient subtleties
48 Turn Me On The Shivas Hit that switch
49 Mort Clinique Magnetix Grind and fuzz
50 Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles Captain Beefheart From the abstract dimension
52 The Ballad Of Paul Yates The Philistines Jr. There is a new video!
53 When You're Next To Me Mitch & Mickey Folk genius
54 New City Rock Jimmy Nations Combo The real cool cats
56 Electrocuted Babe Rainbow Afrobeat to go