Crazy Energy Night

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Pom Poko Pom Poko

The earth rumbled into an appropriate angle of repose as the bucket wheel ground to a halt. On the ground, the sapper raised an arm to signal to the operator, sitting high above in an air-conditioned cab as disproportionately tiny as a brontosaurus brain. The sounds of Taiwanese ragtime could be heard on the earpiece now that the excavator had stopped digging into the hard Upper Peninsula soil. This machine was capable of extracting tons of copper ore in a single hour, but now it was digging for something far more valuable.

In this episode: Anemone, Animal Eyes, The Budos Band, Cage The Elephant, Calexico, Chris Murray, Daddy Long Legs, Daisy Chainsaw, Der Dritte Raum, Dumm-Dumms, Elvis Hitler, Fontaines D.C., Forro In The Dark, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Habiluim, Imperial Wax, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Kid Koala, La Dame Blanche, Les Thugs, MC Honky, Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, The Myrrors, Nevada Bachelors, The Oranges Band, Øzwald, Pom Poko, The Sensualists, Spoon, Spot 1019, Steely Dan, Swell, Telekinesis, Tom Zé, Toro Y Moi, Tracker, Vulfpeck, Willie Wisely, The Woolly Bushmen, The Wrens

  Song Artist Notes
1 Crazy Energy Night Pom Poko Very much the like
2 Shanty Dumm-Dumms Truth in advertising
3 Dream Child Øzwald Quite magnetic
5 Goin' Out West The Woolly Bushmen Highly recommended
6 El Chepe Vulfpeck Smooth velvet funk
7 Bring Your Love To Me Chris Murray Copper ore or bust
9 Sunshine (Back To The Start) Anemone Sunshine and light
10 A Place In The Sun Telekinesis Fuzzy fuzzy Apples
11 Who Am I Toro Y Moi The subtle boogie
13 Old Engine Oil The Budos Band Fruit stands beware
14 Dos Caras La Dame Blanche Comes the night
15 Hurricane Laughter Fontaines D.C. Strong forces
16 You Wanna Die Les Thugs French breaknecking
18 Zam Frankie and the Witch Fingers So epic
19 Trouble Cage The Elephant With a high yodel
20 Loander My Guitar Willie Wisely Not the Gibson SG!
22 13 Months In 6 Minutes The Wrens That’s nothing
23 Winners Circle Daddy Long Legs Twist it to the limit
24 Voce Gosta? Tom Zé Sai
26 Dreamer Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel Good organ hustle
27 Feeding Snakes Animal Eyes Home is the drone
28 Green Haze, Pt. 1 & 2 Elvis Hitler From the land before mashups
30 Finns For Our Feet The Oranges Band They come in handy
31 Somos La Resistencia The Myrrors Yelling across the void
32 The Swimmer Tracker Dust blowing on the dry creek bed
33 Soft Velvety 'Fer MC Honky Are you there?
35 Rammy Taxi Illuminati Imperial Wax Many movements
36 אני מקיא Habiluim A statement of anger
37 This World Owes Me A Buzz Spot 1019 Pay your debts
39 Sideshow Calexico Welcome to the show
40 Silence Is Golden Forro In The Dark Keep it shut
41 The Hubble Constant Kid Koala Tinkles from space
42 Everyone's Gone To The Movies Steely Dan By request
44 Bad Haircut Nevada Bachelors Showed up
45 Swing Bop Der Dritte Raum Electroswing time
46 Love Your Money Daisy Chainsaw Fun times!
48 The Wind Cries Mary The Jimi Hendrix Experience Possibly my favorite
49 I Ain't The One Spoon This intro means business
50 Everybody Wants To Know Swell An unmatched sound
52 Dips + Peaks The Sensualists Getting it on and out