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Fontaines D.C. Fontaines D.C.

The archivist’s breath misted in the freezing vault as gloved hands lifted the metal canister off the shelf. Getting to Greenland had not been trivial, driving the snowcats to Nuuk undetected had been a challenge, and breaking into the Katuaq Cultural Centre’s secret collection room, dug out of the permafrost, could be described as difficult. Now, locating the footage was close to impossible, given the hundreds of linear meters of shelving that were visible. The producer unspooled the first few feet off the reel, peering up through the film to the overhead light. The muffled sound of Persian hip-hop could be heard from the theater above. Maybe it was not so impossible.

In this episode: Bongwater, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Combustible Edison, Cris Delanno, Daddy Long Legs, Daft Punk, Dr. Octagon, Entrance, Flat Duo Jets, Fontaines D.C., Frank Turner, The Free Radicals, French Kicks, The Get Up Kids, Imperial Wax, IQU, John Vanderslice, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, La Dame Blanche, Los Amigos Invisibles, Los Straitjackets, Mahala Rai Banda, Matt Surfin and Friends, Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs, Moby, The Mommyheads, Monster Magnet, Nevada Bachelors, Øzwald, Pele & Elis Regina, Perio, Pom Poko, Push Kings, The Rebel Set, Señor Coconut, Socalled, Stewart Copeland, Swell, Telekinesis, These Animal Men, This Mortal Coil, The Velvet Underground, White Denim, The Wild Reeds, The Woolly Bushmen

  Song Artist Notes
1 Big Fontaines D.C. Gotta be big
2 Tombes Oubliées The Brian Jonestown Massacre Your partial Velvets
3 What If You Knew Karl Denson's Tiny Universe Super saucy
4 American Food Chain The Free Radicals Very very honky
6 Célaphine Daddy Long Legs Is it spicy enough?
7 Lou Barlow The Get Up Kids Kinda famous
8 Mahalageasca (Bucovina Dub) Mahala Rai Banda Pure paprika
9 Vexamao Pele & Elis Regina What are they talking about?
11 Moving Target The Wild Reeds Happy soundings
12 Daytripper Pom Poko I can hear the Beatles influence
13 Dun Dun Los Amigos Invisibles Some much-needed tropical
14 Rex's Blues Entrance Tragic
16 Teenage Dream (Looper Remix) IQU A Japan / Scotland collaboration
17 Cora The Mommyheads The always-intriguing Adam Elk
18 Song Seven Swell Hazy afternoon drive
19 Who Loves The Sun The Velvet Underground Who cares what it does?
21 Fana La Dame Blanche She’s not kidding
22 Cruel To Be Kind Los Straitjackets A soulful treatment
23 Women Tied Up In Knots Bongwater Those Japanese magazines
25 They Don't Know Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs Missing Kirsty MacColl
26 La Vida Es Llena De Cables Señor Coconut Alternate reality Kraftwerk
27 I Pushed You The Woolly Bushmen Hottest thing outta Florida
28 Billboard 2 Perio Truly Swedish
30 Brazzaville Stewart Copeland Chanting to start
31 Jimmy's Off Nevada Bachelors Names have been changed
32 Sunday Driver The Rebel Set Every day of the week
33 Da Funk Daft Punk Enjoy the video
35 I Am The Cosmos This Mortal Coil Originally by Big Star
36 Hallelujah Strike Gold White Denim In five
37 Slaughter on 10th Avenue Socalled Slowing down
38 Spectral Dawn John Vanderslice It’s an eerie quest
40 Effluxion Telekinesis Fills out nicely
41 Piano French Kicks Oddly gaited
42 Honey Come Closer Push Kings American music
44 Blue Flowers Dr. Octagon Your insurance is high
45 Ambulance These Animal Men Too obscure by far
46 Bleep Matt Surfin and Friends So relaxing
48 Fallin Out Øzwald Supertramp it
49 Mr. Pushkin Came to Shove Combustible Edison Music for your heist
50 Tura Satana Flat Duo Jets Bomb the twist
52 The Art of Projection Imperial Wax Nonstop fury
53 Casanova Lament Frank Turner Lamentable
54 Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você Cris Delanno By Bossacucanova
55 Strobe Light Beatdown (Bonus Track) Monster Magnet A menacing waltz
57 Almost Home Moby Sparkling moodtime