Running Like A River

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Telekinesis Telekinesis

There wasn’t enough room on the narrow boat for the botanist to take out a handkerchief and wipe their brow. The square head vessel, slicing through the water on its way to the Phong Dien Floating Market, looked to be laden with mangos, but that was a ruse. The pyramids that piled the boat only a had a skin a single mango deep. Underneath were piles of something with about the same density as mangos, but much much more valuable. The captain twisted the knob on the cabin radio on hearing some narcopolka, the device’s limited capacity making the sound increase not in volume, only in distortion. The sun sparkled off the water, a thousand heat lasers evading the shade thrown by the wide straw hats they wore.

In this episode: Andrew Bird, Anemone, Balkan Beat Box, The Bamboos, Beekeeper, Boss Hog, The Clash, Cub, Daddy Long Legs, The Evaporators, Fallopian, Fastball, The Flamenco A Go Go, Frank Black, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Frikstailers, The Get Up Kids, Golden Shoulders, Guided By Voices, Heavy Vegetable, hollAnd, Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior, Imperial Wax, The Jazz Butcher, John Vanderslice, Okey Dokey, Orange Hat, Oranger, The Police, Pom Poko, Portishead, POW!, Quintron, The Rondelles, Sego, Shantel, Snarky Puppy, Stephen Malkmus, Superchunk, Surf Günz, Telekinesis, Tom Lehrer, Vulfpeck, The Woolly Bushmen, Zoobombs

  Song Artist Notes
1 Running Like A River Telekinesis Sunny and shiny
2 Rushing the Acid Frat Stephen Malkmus So lackadaisical
3 Theme #1 Pom Poko An appropriate opening
5 Whatever Forever Sego Dark driving
6 Disobey POW! Hitting you in the face
7 Turncoat Imperial Wax Heavy beating
8 Dead And Drugged Beekeeper The buzz of Manhattan
10 My Mood Ring Orange Hat The powerest of pops
11 Waking Up Alone The Get Up Kids A bit of an 8-bit
12 Free Peepshow Fallopian The math works out
13 Wandering Star Portishead Bass chords and black coffee
15 Only You Anemone Dig the Stereolab influence
16 She's Like A Rainbow Cub A little less psychedelic
17 Fine The Woolly Bushmen Bouncy and happy
18 Sir Rockaby Frank Black The far more obscure version
20 Doin' Denim Okey Dokey Do the swoopy
21 Secret Agent Love Fastball At a breakneck pace
22 Everybody's Trying To Be My Villain Golden Shoulders Such unsung genius
24 Immigrant Child Shantel Somewhere between ska and polka
25 Blue Eyed Black Boy Balkan Beat Box That beat
26 Bloodless Andrew Bird Change of pace
27 Sparks hollAnd You kick out sparks
29 Duchess Boss Hog You alright
30 Cobwebs Frankie and the Witch Fingers Suspended disbelief
31 Eight Heavy Vegetable Who has the meter?
32 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park Tom Lehrer Life is skittles and life is beer
34 Highway A Go Go Zoobombs What speed limit?
35 100,000 Fireflies Superchunk Originally by the Magnetic Fields
36 9-4-9 Quintron From deep in the cave
37 Make ME STiNKED The Flamenco A Go Go Nanananana
39 Persecuta Frikstailers Get friki
40 Old Tale Surf Günz A legend ancient and true
41 Half-Empty Halls The Evaporators Sooner or later
43 Hitsville U.K. The Clash When they were feeling Motown
44 Oral History Of Silk Road 1 John Vanderslice Sounds like science fiction
45 Directly From My Heart Holly Golightly & Dan Melchior Ornery drawling
46 Medicine Man (feat. Ella Thompson) The Bamboos Time for your shots
48 It's Neverending The Rondelles Three people, four instruments
49 Bicycle Kid The Jazz Butcher Had a rabbit that died
50 Funky Duck Vulfpeck The funkiest
51 Target You By Feel Oranger Be my neither be my nor
53 I Am A Scientist Guided By Voices From the beginning
54 Too Much Information The Police Now with 3,000% more information
55 Pink Lemonade Daddy Long Legs Tangy like sumac
57 Xavi Snarky Puppy Cop jazz