Around Part 1

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Pavo Pavo Pavo Pavo

The specialist carefully manipulated the waldoes linked to the robotic arms in the front of the submersible. The pilot peered out of the top dome, the glare of the spotlights illuminating the complex structure of the oil rig but the visibility of this part of the Gulf of Mexico not allowing much to be seen past the first couple tangles of girders. A single wire tethered the craft to the surface, its sole purpose safely delivering the radio signal carrying its obscure music and coded instructions past fathoms of seawater. The robot arms clasped the watertight bale of Oaxacan tamales tightly. The mission was only half over.

In this episode: 1990s, Ben Vaughn, Bill Fox, Black Flag, The Bottle Rockets, Camper van Chadbourne, Cato Salsa Experience, Charlotte Adigéry, Coast Modern, Dead Meadow, Devo, [dunkelbunt], The Gray Vines, Guided By Voices, Huevos Rancheros, Ian Brown, Jason Lytle, Johnny Cash + Joe Strummer, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Jools Holland Orchestra, Larkin Poe, Los Lobos, The Lynnfield Pioneers, The Menzingers, The Meters, Middle Kids, The Minutemen, My Morning Jacket, The Pack A.D., Pavo Pavo, Peglegasus, Pixies, Robyn Hitchcock, Rocket From The Crypt, S.O.L.O., The Specials, Stereo Total, Stray Cats, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists, The Ting Tings, Tommy Womack, The Unicorns, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Up, Bustle & Out, Uptown Sinclair, Vertacyn Arc Materializer

  Song Artist Notes
1 Around Part 1 Pavo Pavo Onrush of wistful
2 Ministry of Alienation Unknown Mortal Orchestra The tape wobbles
3 Bottled In Cork Ted Leo + The Pharmacists An American songwriting treasure
4 Chantilly Face Rocket From The Crypt Oversampling
6 Sycamore Bill Fox Desaparecido
7 Kiko And The Lavender Moon Los Lobos So very Froomy
8 Lowdown My Morning Jacket Using a silo for reverb
9 Afro Jon Spencer Blues Explosion What’s he mutterin about
11 Oranges And Lemons Again Jools Holland Orchestra featuring Suggs from Madness
12 Bad Time to Be an Outlaw The Bottle Rockets Good time for outlaw songs, though
13 Mountain Jumper [dunkelbunt] All over the world
15 Dear Friend The Gray Vines Not friendly at all
16 First World Problems Ian Brown Fix your time machine!
17 Edge Of Town Middle Kids Building up to that swoopy chorus
18 life x Camper van Chadbourne Only remember half of it
20 Tummy Finger S.O.L.O. Radio Puntarenas!
21 Redemption Songs Johnny Cash + Joe Strummer Power trio
22 Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Black Flag We want some more
24 Honey Honey Larkin Poe She means business
25 The Yip! Song Robyn Hitchcock For the troops
26 Never Miss A Thing Uptown Sinclair with the fabulous talents of Mr. Dave Hill
27 The Glory Of Man The Minutemen Screeching halts
29 Ringo I Love You Stereo Total Every early Beatle trope at once
30 Basement The Ting Tings What's that thrumming sound from downstairs?
31 Is It So The Pack A.D. Howling cowboys
32 Keep Your Head Dead Meadow Roiling fuzz
34 High Lights Charlotte Adigéry Global melange
35 El Camino Ben Vaughn Originally by Ween
36 At The Mall In Klamath Falls Jason Lytle Scotty dogs eat chili nachos
37 Tellin' Lies The Menzingers Very Clashy
39 Jam Warsong Guided By Voices Garbled madness
40 Ghost Mountain The Unicorns Squeezing moog tonalities
41 10 Commandments The Specials Sorry, Prince Buster
43 I Got Soul Cato Salsa Experience Reckless Norwegian boogie
44 Broken Face Pixies Blast your face
45 Pink Pussycat Devo Meow meow meow meow
46 End Of The Line Tommy Womack No more camping on acid
48 Jungle Man The Meters The original fonq
49 Natgeo Vertacyn Arc Materializer Everyone knows of a stack
50 Sea Squad Peglegasus Intricate fretwork
51 Stray Cat Strut Stray Cats Brian Setzer was so young!
53 Switch 1990s You got a switch?
54 Time To Get Dumb The Lynnfield Pioneers Very very dumb
55 Drive Thru At Molly's Beach Huevos Rancheros later Atomic 7
56 Comb My Hair Coast Modern Slow twinkling
58 Coffee At Señor Roody's Up, Bustle & Out Snappy