Cheye Calvo

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
American High American High

The Cadillac engine roared with naked abandon behind the driver. It was the familiar rumble of the seven-liter-plus workhorse, but its power was unleashed on a propellor instead of a bulky automatic transmission. At the airboat’s prow, the tracker kept an eye on the reeds that protruded in clumps from the murky water. Barely audible on the comm link were the strains of some forgotten psychedelic blues. A promising glint along the mangroves gave hope they had found the downed satellite. It turned out to be the stare of a brooding twelve-foot alligator, unwilling to leave the scene. The search continued.

In this episode: American High, The Beastie Boys, Coco Hames, Commercial, The Dandy Warhols, The Dwarves, Gotan Project, Heaters, Ladytron, The Low Frequency In Stereo, Lush, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Mike Krol, Mike West, Nick Lowe, Oranger, Pavo Pavo, Photon Band, R Stevie Moore, The Samuel Jackson Five, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, The Silos, Stereo Total, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists, They Might Be Giants, They Might Be Giants (with Robin 'Goldie' Goldwasser), Tony Cook, The Transgressors, Vertacyn Arc Materializer, What!

  Song Artist Notes
1 Cheye Calvo American High Sweet sweet collapse
2 National Debate R Stevie Moore Like an XTC flashback
3 I Don't Wanna Go Coco Hames Girl groups afire
5 The Bright Side They Might Be Giants Can't have too much
6 Wait (Don't Rush Me) Tony Cook Funk emigre
7 Until The Fire Ladytron Keeping warm
8 Lunático Gotan Project Mad tango
10 Sins Are Forgiven The Dandy Warhols Cashing in
11 Blue And Pink Mike Krol Each and both
12 #9 Commercial The ninest
13 Spinning Wheel What! Dub magic
15 Bubblehouse Medeski, Martin & Wood Bubbling up
16 Ragin' Eyes Nick Lowe He wants to tell her
17 Garden of Eden They Might Be Giants (with Robin 'Goldie' Goldwasser) So obscure
18 Prison Song The Silos An undiscovered motherlode
20 Ad Astra Heaters Epic construction
21 You're Running Wild The Transgressors That new old sound
22 End Of The Week Photon Band The sound of Psychedelphia
24 Haig Earl Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Best song titles
25 Yardsale Mike West Let's go skiing!
26 Easy Pavo Pavo Languid
27 Biomusicology Ted Leo + The Pharmacists Such a dynamic
29 Breeze Lush Timeless
30 Voy A Ser Mama Stereo Total Hope for the future
31 Sukiyaki Oranger Set fuzz on 12
33 What Floats Her Boat The Samuel Jackson Five Reverberations and echoes
34 Texas Fox The Low Frequency In Stereo Implacable stuff from Norway
35 She's Crafty The Beastie Boys gimme some Ocean
36 Everybody's Girl The Dwarves A racing fuse
38 The Majesty of Rock Vertacyn Arc Materializer Long form of madness