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Deerhunter Deerhunter

The keypad beeped softly as the astronomer keyed in the coordinates. It was deepest darkest night on the altiplano, the stars above an unfamiliar configuration for those born to northern skies. The physicist tapped their pencil against their favorite clipboard (the metal one), the coffee-stained papers clipped to it showing the revised calculations for the Hole In The Sky. Over the tinny intercom, hacked because both had forgotten to bring a speaker, a particularly ironic song choice began to play, making them instinctively share a knowing glance.

In this episode: Alex Arrowsmith, Bersuit, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, The Dandy Warhols, Dead Meadow, Deerhunter, Downtown Boys, The Dust Brothers, Elliott Smith, Evaporators, Evolfo, Father John Misty, The Fratellis, The Goodnight Loving, Groove Armada, The Holy Modal Rounders, Joe Strummer, Jungle Brothers, Kenny Howes, Kim Lenz, Larkin Poe, Leonard Nimoy, Les Hommes, Lisa Germano, Manu Chao, Marshall Crenshaw, Nathaniel Saunders, pApAs fritAs, Pavo Pavo, Phonoroid, Pixies, The Police, R Stevie Moore, Shantel, The Soft Boys, The Specials, Stubborn All-Stars, Swamp and Bay, They Might Be Giants, Tijuana Panthers, The Transgressors, Walt Mink, Weezer, Woods

  Song Artist Notes
1 Futurism Deerhunter Deerhoof. That was the other Deer band.
2 Desaparecido Manu Chao The live version
3 Ride Your Donkey Joe Strummer Originally by The Tennors
5 Ain't It Weird The Goodnight Loving A reminiscent waltz
6 Mr. Blue Sky Weezer Originally by Electric Light Orchestra
7 Pousada Do Amor Les Hommes Music for the rain
8 Gigantic Pixies What a gas it was to see him
10 Everybody's Happy Nowadays Tijuana Panthers The Kinks' prediction came true
11 Hourglass Kim Lenz So sultry
12 Good Night Amanes Shantel Sunset amongst the minarets
13 Ebrio de Sinrazón Bersuit Argentinian superstars
15 You're The One To Be Sorry Stubborn All-Stars Old, but not that old
16 This Is Sally Hatchet Father John Misty Looping chordals
17 Rose Parade Elliott Smith Swan song
18 Vertical Lives pApAs fritAs Only geodesic domes can save us now
20 Check The Weather Pavo Pavo Such a smooth hook
21 Vision Of Sin Evolfo Moving fast
22 Breaking Point The Specials That old spooky vibe
23 Hang It on Your Wall Woods A heady mindtrip
24 Nobody Home Dead Meadow Odd meters
26 Maddox Creek The Transgressors Two step funtime
27 Happy Rolling Cowboy The Holy Modal Rounders An unmistakable sound
28 I Walk The Line Leonard Nimoy Dang
30 Big Fat Slob Nathaniel Saunders Caribbean banjo
31 Time Flies Phonoroid Tentative vocalizing
32 Another Day Slips Away R Stevie Moore Sisyphean
33 The Greatest They Might Be Giants 14 of 14
35 Boriska The Claypool Lennon Delirium Quite epic
36 Girlpool Swamp and Bay Swerving at the last minute
38 Sometimes Larkin Poe Familiar sampling
39 Sycophant Lisa Germano So close to psychopath
40 Ballad Of Zelda Kenny Howes Pet sounds
42 Creepin Up The Backstairs The Fratellis Pounding hammers
43 Motor City Steel The Dandy Warhols Sounds like the Nails
44 I See You Baby Groove Armada As seen on TV
45 Canary In A Coalmine The Police So afraid to catch a dose of influenza
47 Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) Downtown Boys Pay them heed
48 I Remember Jungle Brothers Dig the beats
49 Nardwuar Vs. Rahzel Evaporators Sound like a broke shaver! Canadian Ebonics!
50 Someday, Someway Marshall Crenshaw My first CD
52 The Bevel Collector Alex Arrowsmith Go somewhere else if you need a right angle
53 Insanely Jealous The Soft Boys A jittering anxiety
54 Miss Happiness Walt Mink Underappreciated
55 What Is Fight Club? The Dust Brothers Don’t talk about it