KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Clifffs Clifffs

The Musée National stood like a squat block, facing the highway at an angle and mirrored to the left by the library. The hu hu sat inside, waiting in the wing housing the musical instrument collection. The surgeon nervously handled the endoscope case, dusty from the helicopter ride that had brought them to N’Djamena. The calligrapher was clearly nervous but their services would only be required for brief minutes while they inspected the inscription on the inside of the ancient calabash.

In this episode: Africaine 808, Afro Social Club, Barcelona, Beach Bunny, Black Lips, Black Reggae, The Bran Flakes, The Cat Empire, Cato Salsa Experience, Clifffs, Company Man, Cornelius, Devo, Dilika, Double Date with Death, Dr. Frank, The Dukes Of Stratosphear, Dur-Dur Band, Field Music, The Fiery Furnaces, Geraldo Pino, The Goodnight Loving, The Growlers, Guided By Voices, Hi Balls, Home, Jen Cloher, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Jools Holland Orchestra And Jamiroquai, Karen Dalton, King Kong, Kinky, Mr. Elevator, The Muffs, Mutagénicos, The Obscuritones, Sarah Vaughan, Sparks, Starcrawler, Tennis, Thee Shams, Tic Toc, VHS Or Beta

  Song Artist Notes
1 Undone Clifffs Bass menace
2 Ditch The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Diggin it
3 Again And So On Kinky Que fonki
4 Party Started The Cat Empire All the way to Australia
6 Trou noir Double Date with Death Le garage
7 Impossible Germany Jen Cloher Originally by WIlco
8 Have You Seen Jackie? The Dukes Of Stratosphear Retrodelic popnobbery
9 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction Devo Moves like Jagger
11 Only In a Man's World Field Music At their talking headiest
12 Rub Alcohol Blues The Fiery Furnaces Back to the weird times
13 In The Evening (It's Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best) Karen Dalton Haunted voice
14 Waiting for My Baby The Obscuritones olskool
16 Ngayishela Yavuma Dilika South African for sure
17 Ladaney (Woman's Name) Dur-Dur Band Onward to East Africa
18 A Processional For Keith Emerson / Look Now Home No kidding
20 Odelia Black Lips Woke up singing this
21 She All Right Dr. Frank So short, so sweet
22 Down Down Down The Muffs Go out swinging
24 Need Your Love Tennis Bring the yacht around
25 Tune Out The Growlers Ghosts of the Hollies
26 Alone Together Mr. Elevator Gimme 5
27 I Want You Back Thee Shams A plaintive call
29 Volcano Guided By Voices Slow burner
30 The Circus Company Man Wait for it
31 Promises Beach Bunny Ready for summer
32 The Pan The Goodnight Loving Didn’t look, took the hook
34 Power To The People Geraldo Pino Heavy heavy heavy
35 Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) Sarah Vaughan Best of three continents
36 F.D.M. Afro Social Club Afrobeating
38 No More Pennies Starcrawler So very Dinosaur Jr.
39 Sherlock Holmes Sparks Elementary
40 Me Want Oogie Oogie Hi Balls It’s universal
42 I'm In The Mood For Love Jools Holland Orchestra And Jamiroquai With Jamiroquai
43 Actualice Su Fe Mutagénicos Update your faith!
44 I Can Give You Anything Cato Salsa Experience Norwegian as heck
45 Uh-Oh King Kong I got a little problem
47 Fly Cornelius Buzz buzz
48 Paging System Operator Barcelona I need an encrypted IP!
49 Jibba Jab Tic Toc Not Louie
51 Learning About Love The Bran Flakes Chopped up wisdom
52 My Girl Reggae Black Reggae Out of Africa
53 Rhythm is All You Can Dance - Album mix Africaine 808 Let the pulse command you
55 Solid Gold VHS Or Beta Before “Star Guitar”