Ghost Town

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

The Specials The Specials

The composer stood over the gunwale, pressed the small button, and blew into the instrument, discharging the contents into the dark green waters below. If they had known it was going to be this type of floating market, they would have picked a different watercraft. This explained the unprecedented difficulties when trying to secure their transportation with the Colombo office. The ichthyologist indicated one of the floating structures, and began maneuvering their craft towards it. The composer took a breath and the signal, a brief segment of “Message To You Rudy”, went out from the melodica.

In this episode: Bad Brains, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Born Ruffians, Dan Deacon, Disq, Dry Cleaning, Eartha Kitt, Enon, The Fall, Fela Kuti, Fishbone, The Frights, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Gil Scott-Heron, The Giraffes, Grace Jones, Great Grandpa, Habibi, His Name Is Alive, Home, Imperial Teen, Jade Hairpins, Jimi Hendrix, Juana Molina, King Sporty, The Last Poets, Love, Melkbelly, Mr. Elevator, The Muffs, The Negro Problem, Noonday Underground, The Obscuritones, Of Montreal, Parquet Courts, Peter Bjorn and John, Post Animal, Scruffy The Cat, Shopping, Specials, Tennis, Tony Cook, Waxahatchee, Wesley Willis, The Wrens

  Song Artist Notes
1 Ghost Town Specials The two-tone story
2 Freddie's Dead Fishbone Via Curtis Mayfield
3 Pay To Cum Bad Brains Beyond jazz fusion
5 Comikbuchland The Negro Problem All hail Stew
6 Castles Made Of Sand Jimi Hendrix From Seattle to London
7 Always See Your Face Love Fell apart too soon
8 I Want To Be Evil Eartha Kitt Fierce
10 Rock n' Roll McDonald's Wesley Willis It is the place
11 Wait (Don't Rush Me) Tony Cook Former drummer for James Brown
12 Slave to the Rhythm Grace Jones Regina Disco
14 Redemption Song (Ziggy Marley Remix) Bob Marley & The Wailers Powerful stuff
15 The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Gil Scott-Heron With a band
16 When The Revolution Comes The Last Poets Follow up
17 No Agreement Fela Kuti Wise man says
19 Dedication Born Ruffians Especially for you
20 Ivanka Imperial Teen Who knows
21 Shadow Boy Scruffy The Cat Charlie Chesterman was an American treasure
22 Tender as a Tomb Tennis Gentle mutterings
24 THC Melkbelly Almost awkward
25 Post Animal Post Animal Nigh unstoppable
26 Body Clock Shopping Tick tocking
27 Don't Stop Her The Obscuritones Retro whiplash
29 Can't Do Much Waxahatchee Country jangle
30 Nuthin To Lose The Giraffes Featuring Chris Ballew
31 Deliberate Self-harm Ha Ha Of Montreal Low key dance floor
32 DJ Special King Sporty A strange interlude
34 Mary Magazine Jade Hairpins Disjointed itinerary
35 The Way You Look Tonight The Future Kings of Nowhere A somewhat manic take
36 The Good Old Summer Time Noonday Underground On the swing set
37 Become a Mountain Dan Deacon Sequential diffraction
39 Digger Great Grandpa Wistful harmonies
40 Dakota The Wrens Distant lands
41 Natural Disasters Enon No need to feel awkward
43 Konichiwa Internet Disq Changing pace
44 Victoria The Fall Via the Kinks
45 Misunderstood Habibi Quite Cub-like
46 All I Need The Frights Fuzz attaqq
48 Weekend Peter Bjorn and John Discrete plucking
49 Good Night Dry Cleaning Fixing the narrative
50 Sylvia Mr. Elevator On a journey
51 Hot Tonite His Name Is Alive Keep it cool
53 Farewell Home Please don’t go
54 No Holiday The Muffs A winsome grin
55 I Got Drugs (At The End Of The Century) Parquet Courts Stand by for technical issues
57 Lo Decidi Yo Juana Molina Repeats and missed beats