Bang Go The Bongos

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Bananagun Bananagun

The pediatrician scrambled on hands and knees after the rubber ball. It deflected off the base of the Monument to Fuel Tanker, his imperturbable brass cheer completely unaffected by the collision. The interlocutor looked around surreptitiously. Their aim was to provide some normalcy to the fact that two people were hanging out near one of the lowest-ranked attractions in Grodno while the sophisticated electronics built into their footwear communicated with the satellite and sorted out the problem with the statue. But maybe this game of jacks had not been the best idea for cover.

In this episode: 2nd Grade, Acid Tongue, AJJ, Bananagun, Barry Adamson, Ben Vaughn Combo, Bobby Conn, Born Ruffians, Built To Spill, Cable Ties, Car Seat Headrest, The Chats, Clifffs, Coriky, Cornershop, Dan Deacon, David Bowie, The Dismemberment Plan, Disq, Drink Me, Dry Cleaning, East River Pipe, Flying Vipers, The Frights, Habibi, Harold Ousley, Home, House of Freaks, Igorrr, Jade Hairpins, Juliana Hatfield, Jungle Fire, Khruangbin, LCD Soundsystem, Mad Professor, Messer Chups, The Mountain Goats, The Needs , Olivia Jean, Peter Bjorn and John, The Rezillos, Shopping, Sparks, Stop Calling Me Frank, Ty Segall, The Washdown, Wolf & Moon

  Song Artist Notes
1 Bang Go The Bongos Bananagun Mayhem in the jungle
2 Haberdashery Stop Calling Me Frank Get your hankies
3 Coconut Ty Segall Not what you expected
4 Never Get Ahead Bobby Conn Talk about The Man
6 I Can't Stand My Baby The Rezillos Love at first hate
7 Big Foot Messer Chups Stomping around
8 Sandcastles Cable Ties Nervous energy
9 Portrait Home Subtle washes
11 J Terrapin Jade Hairpins Tripping through the kaleidoscope factory
12 It Must Be True The Washdown Speeding through the lights
13 Follow The Witch Acid Tongue But not too closely
14 Insomnia Drink Me Scrape the Fanta
16 Hard to Explain Coriky Unmistakable
17 The Man Who Sold The World David Bowie A sad tale
18 Leaf Miner Flying Vipers Deep sounds
19 Pelota Khruangbin Snakey rhythms
21 W-2 2nd Grade Tax time!
22 Lawnmower Sparks Suburban turban
23 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Ben Vaughn Combo Someone has needs
24 This Is It House of Freaks The sound of motivation
26 Simple Song of Sin Peter Bjorn and John Stop and start
27 Dark Clouds Clifffs Moving fast across the sky
28 Losing My Edge LCD Soundsystem I was there
29 Magic of Meghan Dry Cleaning Quite disaffected
31 Life In Vain Built To Spill That charming squawk
32 Come My Habibi Habibi A hypnotic come-hither
33 Do The Standing Still The Dismemberment Plan Frantic… or spastic?
34 Do You Think The Needs Sweet candy punk fuzz
36 Squeaky Born Ruffians Staggering time
37 Shoot For The Moon Wolf & Moon Abstract shimmering sounds
38 Until Olympius Returns The Mountain Goats All hail the mysterious gap
39 Mega Guillotine 2020 AJJ The device we need now
41 All or Nothing Shopping The clock is ticking
42 Slingshot Cornershop Hello, meandering flute
43 Hollywood Car Seat Headrest The end of it all
45 Siren Call Olivia Jean She will lure you to a watery doom
46 D19 Disq Mic nerd anthem
47 Tungs The Frights Just visiting the campus
48 Weeping Birch Dan Deacon Cascades of tone
50 The Kids Need Guns The Chats Makes sense
51 A Little More Love Juliana Hatfield Originally from Olivia Newton John
52 Shiny Shiny Pimpmobile East River Pipe Gliding through the night
54 Theme from Baranco Mad Professor No standing still
55 Emboscada Jungle Fire Bring out the congas
56 Very Noise Igorrr Shattered and reconstructed
57 Come Get It, I Got It Harold Ousley Definitely got it
59 Under Wraps Barry Adamson The chase is on