Mixtape 104 :: Manatee

Clifffs Clifffs

It’s edgy and manic and insistent, and it’ll surely drive your lunatic friends to ask you who is making that racket. Make sure you tell them Clifffs is spelled with three Fs.

In this episode: Afro Social Club, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Ashley Park, Astrud Gilberto + Antonio Carlos Jobim, Beach Bunny, The Beatles, Buke and Gase, Cato Salsa Experience, Clifffs, Company Man, Frank Cornelius, French Horn Rebellion, Geraldo Pino, The Goodnight Loving, Guided By Voices, Isobel Campbell, Jools Holland Orchestra And Jamiroquai, Ken Nordine, King Kong, Material, Mutagénicos, Puff Tube, Ren + Stimpy, Sarah Vaughan, Sondre Lerche, Temples, Ty Segall, The Warlocks, Waxahatchee, Wayne Hancock, The Weirdos

  Song Artist Notes
1 Manatee Clifffs Pretty fast for a manatee
2 Holy Horses Temples Symphonic hallucinations
3 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window The Beatles By the banks of her own lagoon
4 Reality Material We’re in it
6 Arkadelphia Waxahatchee Shake some dust off
7 Night And Day (Live Bonus Track) Sondre Lerche Nice take
8 Hey World (Acoustic) Isobel Campbell Get out there
9 Dear Son The Warlocks Quite morose
11 Helium Bar The Weirdos Weird weird weirdos
12 Captain's Log/Space Madness Ren + Stimpy Fortunately, we had to eat the spaceship
13 Soul Finger/Shriek Bum Liimbo/Circus Freak/Midget Tolerance Puff Tube Thanks, Charley!
14 The Great Divide Ashley Park Have a pop chaser
16 Power To The People Geraldo Pino Heavy heavy heavy
17 Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix) Sarah Vaughan Best of three continents
18 F.D.M. Afro Social Club Afrobeating
20 Volcano Guided By Voices Slow burner
21 The Circus Company Man Wait for it
22 Promises Beach Bunny Ready for summer
23 The Pan The Goodnight Loving Didn’t look, took the hook
25 Beaches & Friends (The Twelves Tabloid mix) French Horn Rebellion Still waiting for the French Horn.
26 Houdini Crush Buke and Gase What sort of mayhem is this?
27 Best Friend Andrew Jackson Jihad Not your usual AJJ
28 Route 66 Wayne Hancock A bit more slide
30 I'm In The Mood For Love Jools Holland Orchestra And Jamiroquai With Jamiroquai
31 Actualice Su Fe Mutagénicos Update your faith!
32 I Can Give You Anything Cato Salsa Experience Norwegian as heck
33 Uh-Oh King Kong I got a little problem
35 Gotta Get Up Ty Segall Originally by Nilsson
36 Agua de Beber Astrud Gilberto + Antonio Carlos Jobim Water everywhere
37 Black Ken Nordine Goth primer
39 Computer Games Frank Cornelius Good times