KAFM Grand Junction, 9am - 12pm

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Jazz Butcher The Jazz Butcher

It’s a celebration of Pat Fish, also known as The Jazz Butcher, who passed away unexpectedly last week, on October 5. We kick things off with another one of my favorites, the Asylum Street Spankers, taking on his “D.R.I.N.K.” to glorious heights, followed by a couple of sets drawing from his 20th century material.

In this episode: 16 Horsepower, Asylum Street Spankers, Atom™, Bad Bad Hats, Big Sandy, Brian Ritchie, Burkini Beach, Deerhoof, Enon, Euphone, The Fall, The Felice Brothers, Film School, The Jazz Butcher, The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, Johnny Socko, Kero Kero Bonito, Los Lobos, Low, Manic Street Preachers, Mark Mothersbaugh, Marshmallow Coast, The Mekons, Mexican Institute of Sound, The Mommyheads, Neko Case, Nick Lowe, Portland Cello Project, Simian Mobile Disco, Sir Simon, Sleigh Bells, Snapped Ankles, The Stranglers, Thee Goblins, The Wild Reeds, Woody & Jeremy

  Song Artist Notes
1 D.R.I.N.K. Asylum Street Spankers I’m brokenhearted…
3 The Basement The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Spy theme for hire
4 Big Saturday The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy The biggest
5 Partytime The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Better than a cold bath with someone you dislike
6 President Reagan's Birthday Present The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Very very ‘80s
8 Detroit Basketball Bad Bad Hats Are they winning?
9 My Ladies Can't Remember the Eighties Euphone Good vibrations
10 Don't Ignore the Air The Mommyheads Subtle currents
12 To-Do List The Felice Brothers Check check checking things off
13 Only Songs The Wild Reeds A glorious racket
14 Burning Nick Lowe Rolling and thumping
16 Water The Stranglers Towering sonic menace
17 Coal Black Horses 16 Horsepower High and lonesome
18 Motherless Children Brian Ritchie What a hot combo
20 Best Western Burkini Beach Under the sodium lights
21 Buckets Of Rain Neko Case In a mood
22 The Secret He Had Missed (feat. Julia Cumming) Manic Street Preachers Flashes of glamour
23 South Bay Stomp Big Sandy Stomped out
25 The River Kero Kero Bonito Flowing through
26 Shimmering Marshmallow Coast One them elephant sixes
27 Paper Tiger (feat. Laura Gibson) Portland Cello Project Written by Beck
29 Southern Mark Smith (Big Return) Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Mutual admiration
30 The Human Jungle Jazz Butcher Conspiracy A place of mystery and drama
31 Just Like Betty Page Jazz Butcher Conspiracy I just want to do it forever
32 Sister Death The Jazz Butcher Saying farewell
34 Bad With Faces Sir Simon Me too
35 Good Jacket Theme Thee Goblins Bubbling up
36 (This is Your) Vasectomy Johnny Socko Indiana ska
38 Scarcity Is Manufactured Deerhoof Electric bamba
39 All Night Low Overwhelmed
40 Get the Letter Out Enon Backwards calligraphy
42 My Old Bassist Woody & Jeremy Every band has one
43 Love Special Delivery Los Lobos More LA stuff
44 Club Mekon The Mekons The hot spot
46 The Prince Is Back Snapped Ankles Big new prinz
47 Cab It Up! The Fall Getting across town
48 SWEET75 Sleigh Bells Feel the pulse
50 Bossandfunk (7 Inch Version) Atom™ It delivers
51 Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op Mark Mothersbaugh Seeking Steve Zissou
52 M.F.P.D.A. Mexican Institute of Sound Bomb all these and destroy them
53 I Got This Down Simian Mobile Disco Getting the hang of it
55 The More I Know Film School Truly encyclopedic