Mixtape 119 :: J Terrapin

Jade Hairpins Jade Hairpins

Jade Hairpins don’t care about your repetitive song structures, man. That’s not how you cram five albums’ worth of material into less than forty minutes.

In this episode: 1990s, Acid Tongue, Barry Adamson, Brainiac, Brendan Benson, Built To Spill, Chad VanGaalen, Chalk, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Dan Deacon, The Dismemberment Plan, Disq, Double Date with Death, Drink Me, [dunkelbunt], Eugene McGuinness, Field Music, The Frights, Habibi, Jade Hairpins, Khruangbin, The Left Banke, Looper, Montefiori Cocktail, Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, The Needs , Olivia Jean, The Pogues, Pop Will Eat Itself, Serge Gainsbourg, The Washdown, Ween, Wolf & Moon

  Song Artist Notes
1 J Terrapin Jade Hairpins Tripping through the kaleidoscope factory
2 It Must Be True The Washdown Speeding through the lights
3 Follow The Witch Acid Tongue But not too closely
4 Insomnia Drink Me Scrape the Fanta
6 The Number 3 Khruangbin Supermoody
7 Say When Chandler Travis Philharmonic Gentle clacking
8 Money Is a Memory Field Music Looping the loops
9 Ronsard 58 Serge Gainsbourg Un boogie
11 Uncle Ray Looper Splinter project from B+S
12 Nightshift Eugene McGuinness Short and sharp
13 Gne Gne Montefiori Cocktail Nothing leers like an Italian saxophone
14 What Do You Know The Left Banke For Scotty Beckey — why isn’t Ringo singing?
16 Life In Vain Built To Spill That charming squawk
17 Come My Habibi Habibi A hypnotic come-hither
18 Do The Standing Still The Dismemberment Plan Frantic… or spastic?
19 Do You Think The Needs Sweet candy punk fuzz
21 Getaway Wolf & Moon Desperate disco
22 Can U Dig It Pop Will Eat Itself We like the music
23 Cinnamon Girl [dunkelbunt] Somewhat Gadget-y
24 Infinity Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel A thundering herd
26 Siren Call Olivia Jean She will lure you to a watery doom
27 D19 Disq Mic nerd anthem
28 Tungs The Frights Just visiting the campus
29 Weeping Birch Dan Deacon Cascades of tone
31 Freedom for a Policeman Chad VanGaalen Uncharacteristically energetic
32 Tiny Spark Brendan Benson Now with the Raconteurs
33 I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day The Pogues By request!
34 You Made Me Like It 1990s How’d you make your baby cry?
36 Copier-coller Double Date with Death Paper jam
37 I Gots A Weasel Ween Lotsa weasels
38 Fresh New Eyes Brainiac Electro-shock For President
39 20 Second Man Chalk Dusting away
41 Under Wraps Barry Adamson The chase is on