Land Man

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking

They had wandered through the town, having left the aquabus in one of the drainage ponds at the I-70 interchange. It had been a dusty drive, and the vehicle certainly could use the soaking. As they wandered through the town’s enormous collection of objects, they felt lilliputian. The dentist rattled the bag of tiles suggestively as they walked past the sign for the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. The typesetter did not hesitate to point out that at 678 inches, it was the tallest chair of any kind in the United States. It was a habit that was both tiresome and instructive. And it never got in the way of a quick game of mahjong.

In this episode: 2nd Grade, Air, Babylon Timewarp, Bananagun, Beck, Ben Lee, Bill Callahan, Black Lips, Butthole Surfers, Cable Ties, The Chats, Chicano Batman, Chico Hamilton, Coriky, Cornershop, Crooner, Elliott Smith, Golden Shoulders, The Greyboy Allstars, The Haden Triplets, Hefner, Home, Isobel Campbell, Jade Hairpins, King Chango, Kitty In The Tree, Lo-Lite, Los Straitjackets, Mariachi El Bronx, Melkbelly, Mellow, Melvins + Shitkid, Messer Chups, The Needs , Paint, Pretenders, Ray LaMontagne, The Rentals, Tripping Daisy, Volumen, Youth + Jah Wobble

  Song Artist Notes
1 Land Man Paint Sounds like an interesting character
2 Type O Girl Volumen All over the place
3 Indian Bingo Tripping Daisy The genius of Braniac
5 No Distraction (Khruangbin Remix) Beck We are dubbing in space
6 Durban Poison Babylon Timewarp You know that strain
7 Live Fast Die Slow Black Lips Sloppy wet kisses
8 Les Imperials The Greyboy Allstars How’s it hanging, slick?
10 Jack Says Coriky A familiar rumble
11 Seek You Mellow Definitely French
12 Together Kitty In The Tree Perfect power pop
14 I Believe In Sunday / Someday The Needs Ramones-level enthusiasm
15 Color My Life Chicano Batman Smooth n’ awkward
16 Protest Song Bill Callahan Dour voice
17 Rose Parade Elliott Smith A live version
19 The Buzz Pretenders Feels like old pretending
20 Hey World Isobel Campbell Positive thrumming
21 I'm A Wooden Soldier Cornershop It’s got that groove
23 Mini Skirt Messer Chups An Esquivel classic
24 Truth Like a Mirage Jade Hairpins It just doesn’t fit in the box
25 Oil And Water Lo-Lite Rough and tumble
26 Moving To Florida Butthole Surfers Life in reverse
28 Forgotten Astronaut The Rentals For Michael Collins
29 Shooting From the Hip 2nd Grade Nice gallop
30 Litigation Mariachi El Bronx No lawyers
32 Roll Me Mama, Roll Me Ray LaMontagne Music for sunsets
33 Playground Love Air The desired effect
34 Divine Hammer Ben Lee Originally from the Breeders
35 Who Will You Love The Haden Triplets Let’s go old-tyme
37 Mushroom Bomb Bananagun Blows up your mind
38 Half A Boy And Half A Man Los Straitjackets Going out to Generoso!
39 You Took Your Time and Mine Golden Shoulders Feels majestic
41 Pillow Cable Ties Mind the sharp edges
42 Drunk n Disorderly The Chats Gets to the point
43 Tattooed Love Boys Melvins + Shitkid In a good mood
45 Lose Control Home For the end of the night
46 Rachel Crooner So much mystery
47 The Librarian Hefner Woo her in a most peculiar way
49 Take H20 Melkbelly Hold that thought
50 Finalmente King Chango Enjoy the fusion
51 For Mods Only Chico Hamilton You heard the man
53 Lunar Dawn Youth + Jah Wobble More of that dub stuff