The Party Underground

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Redd Kross Redd Kross

The accordionist’s boot was tangled in a mangrove root. The deepening dusk of Meads Bay Pond brought with it a soft breeze and an ugly threat of bug swarms. Their chances of getting to the beach and capturing enough glowing sugar crabs were dwindling. The roots, more like underwater dreadlocks, heaved as the booted foot attempted to twist out, the accordion case held high as counterbalance. The technician glared at the spectacle briefly before shining a light on the clipboard. In the distance, a barbershop quartet with a Tuvan throat-singing baritone made it incongruous presence known. The keys to the long-range waterbikes had a floaty thing on them, but they were permanently attached to the metal clipboard, which would sink like a stone. The Governor’s Office back in The Valley would certainly hear about this.

In this episode: 1990s, Beachwood Sparks, The Bird and The Bee, Boredoms, Brave Combo, C. Gibbs And The Cardia Bros., Close Talker, Dr. Octagon, The Elected, Electric Spinach, The Extra Glenns, The Fever, Fishbone, Frankie Cosmos, Ghost Funk Orchestra, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Hot Chip, Illinois, Jagwar Ma, Jay Som, Kim Stevenson, The Kinks, Klark Kent, M.I.A., Mastretta, Mosquitos, The Neon Angels, The Raconteurs, Redd Kross, Seratones, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, The Shivas, Southern Culture On The Sklds, Spot 1019, Stubborn All-Stars, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, Takako Minekawa, Thee Oh Sees, Trabant, Twin Peaks, Ty Segall, Ultra Vivid Scene, Violent Femmes, VV Brown, Wammo, Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 The Party Underground Redd Kross Come on down!
2 Surf Machine Spot 1019 The gnarliest
3 Special One Ultra Vivid Scene Side of heavenly Deal
5 Permission Seratones Don’t mess with fingersnaps
6 Hang On Illinois Insistent LFO
7 Ready For The Floor Hot Chip Overclocked
8 Potato Chips Polka Brave Combo For late night potato chip consumption
10 Feels Surreal The Shivas Desert surf
11 Don't Care Klark Kent If you really want to hang around
12 Too Much Pork for Just One Fork Southern Culture On The Sklds A terrible problem
13 Rainsong Mosquitos Gentle drops
15 Only Child The Raconteurs A Detroit howler
16 Desiree The Elected Bedroom music
17 Memories The Extra Glenns Originally by Leonard Cohen
18 By Your Side Beachwood Sparks Music for sunsets
20 Laid In Gold Twin Peaks Mountain sound
21 The Box 1990s A cautionary tale
22 White Sheets, Tight Bed Mastretta For those that sleep in the middle
24 Runnin’ with the Devil The Bird and The Bee So delicious
25 Oversized Pin Cushion C. Gibbs And The Cardia Bros. Neckshots
26 Etoufee Takako Minekawa Space kittens
27 Another Chorus Violent Femmes Heavy meta
29 Peace Out Jay Som Low menace
30 So Blue Frankie Cosmos Flashing past the mile markers
31 Going With Him Kim Stevenson Bad decision
32 Ladyfingers The Fever Bouncing jaggies
34 Kaddish Ghost Funk Orchestra Stealth beat
35 Quick Fix VV Brown Sugar high
36 Whiskey Love Song Wammo It’s sounding Heinous
37 Superman Trabant Via Iceland
39 Roxy Funk The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Good stank
40 Freddie's Dead Fishbone Curtis Mayfield was the man
41 I Got To Tell You Dr. Octagon What was that number again?
42 Diversion Ty Segall Massive fuzz
44 Ghost In The Trees Thee Oh Sees Espooky
45 Wait Close Talker Is it a Seinfeld reference?
46 It Takes A Muscle M.I.A. Vocodering
47 Hey Bore Hey Boredoms Not boring
49 Wrong Number Stubborn All-Stars Old-fashioned!
50 When The Girls Get Here Young Fresh Fellows That should impress them
51 He's Breaking My Heart The Neon Angels Hot stuff
52 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy The Kinks Happiness all around
54 Fortune Tellin' Chicken Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet It’s never wrong
55 The Truth Handsome Boy Modeling School Noir soul
56 Roll On Electric Spinach What about Joaquin?
58 Slipping Jagwar Ma Just a taste