Little Bit Of Life

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

The Woolly Bushmen The Woolly Bushmen

The pilot felt the glider’s control surfaces bite into the updraft. The craft smoothly pitched up and right as the surreal Eastern Washington terrain unfolded beneath them. The plucky strains of a Bolivian polka filled the small cockpit, the whistling of the wind no true competition. Facing backward, the specialist peered at the techmapper. Somewhere below, there was something messing with the surveillance satellite and downing any powered aircraft that dared approach. Up ahead, the clouds were bunched up in a way any seasoned traveler of the skies could tell was just. not. right.

In this episode: Andrew Bird, Anemone, Apache Indian, Bayonet, The Bird + the Bee, Boat, Bossa Nostra, The Budos Band, Built To Spill, Daddy Long Legs, The Domestics, Everthus the Deadbeats, Feist, The Flaming Lips, Flat Duo Jets, Fontaines D.C., Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Gary Clark Jr., Gloria Wood, Ida Maria, The Jam, Jim James, Juliana Hatfield, Kenny Howes, The Limiñanas, Marshall Crenshaw, Martin Frawley, Mike Doughty, Old Time Relijun, Oranger, Øzwald, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, The Police, Swervedriver, Ted Leo + The Pharmacists, Toro Y Moi, Ty Segall, The Urinals, Whiskey Daredevils, White Hassle, The Woolly Bushmen

  Song Artist Notes
1 Little Bit Of Life The Woolly Bushmen Florida hot
2 You Want Me? Martin Frawley Quite laconic
3 Staying In Juliana Hatfield Not going out
5 Rumble from the Void The Budos Band Just an introduction
6 Put It Down Mike Doughty Groove it out
7 Again & Again The Bird + the Bee Dreaming in pastels
8 On Your Own Anemone A good match
10 White Trees Flat Duo Jets Only a WWII ace could know how lonely I am
11 Morning Light Ida Maria Doorway to Norway
12 I Miei Occhi Sono i Tuoi Occhi The Limiñanas So dark and cinematic
14 Monte Carlo Toro Y Moi Rolling low
15 Dracula Drug Frankie and the Witch Fingers Epic thrill ride
16 Shadows In The Rain The Police I’m so confident I’m sane
17 Dragon Juice Old Time Relijun Dance, fevered
19 The Air That I Breathe White Hassle Originally by Albert Hammond
20 Going Underground The Jam Join us
21 Love That Dress The Domestics You know the crunch is coming
23 Feed the Babies Gary Clark Jr. Just like Curtis Mayfield
24 Falling Stars Oranger Swirling through the spacetime
25 I've Got Ninjas! Boat Weird folk
27 Six Months in a Leaky Boat Ted Leo + The Pharmacists Originally by Split Enz
28 First Time Again Everthus the Deadbeats Several movements strong
29 Strange Built To Spill Boise’s finest
31 Someday Someway [Live] Marshall Crenshaw A live rendition
32 Gatekeeper (Do Right Remix) Feist The right amount of minimal
33 Boom Shack-a-Lack Apache Indian Why not go up? Why not go down?
34 Something Really Great Kenny Howes A new type of Dylan
36 Mary Winter Swervedriver Return to form
37 Seven Nation Florida The Flaming Lips Mashed up with the Butthole Surfers
38 Oh, Honey Gloria Wood Has it aged well?
40 Jackie Bossa Nostra We know a Jackie
41 The Slider Ty Segall Have some T. Rex
42 Hide In Plain Sight Jim James Feeling incognito
44 Smartphone Bayonet Get rid of it
45 Sisyphus Andrew Bird Nevereding
46 Sweet Delirium Øzwald Sunny times
48 Snagglepuss Daddy Long Legs Don’t like you
49 Boys in the Better Land Fontaines D.C. Love me some Irish brogue
50 Mickey's Bigmouth Whiskey Daredevils For Heinous Bienfäng
51 Ack Ack Ack Ack The Urinals By request
53 Oppression Scatter Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra Afroshuffling off