She’s Fine, She’s Mine

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Spoon Spoon

Bo Diddley may have written tonight’s opening cover, and Spoon may be the one actually performing it, but the spirit of Billy Childish, whose version earworms its way through my head every year or so, is quite strong on the shambling, end-of-the-rehearsal vibe heard here. To the listeners voicing strong opinions about the adorably shrill kids’ story that runs at the top of The Final Hour — your notes have been passed on to Management.

In this episode: Adanowsky, aMiniature, Amon Tobin, Ben Kweller, Brian Eno, Brooklyn Funk Essential, Cable Ties, Charlie Chesterman and the Legendary Motorbikes, Circa Waves, The Clientele, Death By Unga Bunga, Deer Tick, Deerhoof, Disq, DJ Danifox, Dub Narcotic, Dylan Group, The Fastbacks, The Giant Robots, Hazel English, International Sangman, JAWNY, Joanna Sternberg, Junior y Su Equipo, Khruangbin, King Krule, La Femme, Little Dragon, Los Amigos Invisibles, Luna, M. Sage, Mischief Brew, Money Mark, My Bloody Valentine, Packs, PJ Harvey, The Revox, Servotron, Sparks, Spoon, Sylvia's Taco Salad, Terry, Therapy?, Witch

  Song Artist Notes
1 She's Fine, She's Mine Spoon Via Bo Diddley / Billy Childish
3 4th of July Packs Check the calendar
4 Wasted & Ready Ben Kweller Five by five
5 I'm Ready Charlie Chesterman and the Legendary Motorbikes Take it, Charlie
6 If She Could Only See Me Now Deer Tick Alas, invisibility!
8 Piazo E' Perra Los Amigos Invisibles Strut your stuff
9 Fuzz You The Giant Robots Destroy destroy destroy
10 Giga Dance Deerhoof Full of menace
11 Moving Parts Servotron Important announcement
13 Autumn Term PJ Harvey Coming right up
14 Amöban Little Dragon Heavenly thumps
15 The Human Magnet Song Joanna Sternberg Getting pretty fancy
16 Silos Cable Ties Rumbling in the distance
18 Dying in May The Clientele Calling out for Maria
19 Hell On Earth Circa Waves Wherever you can find it
20 I Wanted Everything Death By Unga Bunga Redlining magnificently
21 Bewildered Herd Therapy? Thundering and trampling
23 Avalanche Of Love Witch No kidding around
24 Physical Climber aMiniature Vertical acceleration
25 Swamp Song The Revox Get your shoes wet
26 strawberry chainsaw JAWNY Fruity slashings
28 Charley Chimp Disq Luxurious relaxation
29 Seagirl King Krule Siren song
30 Children Play With Matches Mischief Brew Bad kids
31 America Índia Junior y Su Equipo Casio cumbia
33 Gronks Terry Art rock at its finest
34 Love Is Dead Hazel English Haunting harmonies
35 In The Summer The Fastbacks And here we are
36 The Girl Is Crying In Her Latte Sparks Salty coffee
38 Bin Bin Khruangbin Starting the party
39 Only Shallow My Bloody Valentine Swirls of texture
40 Soul Drive Sixth Avenue Money Mark Cruising low and slow
41 River Turns Woodley (for Frogman) M. Sage Spread interjections
43 Phone the Kids Sylvia's Taco Salad It’s an emergency
44 Oslo Calling Dub Narcotic Norway the hard way
45 Slash Your Tires Luna Don’t mess with Dean
46 Intuition Brooklyn Funk Essential Sometimes you just know
48 Sueño Oscuro Adanowsky Under the mellow starlight
49 Tarraxo 001 DJ Danifox Scattered thoughts
50 Enough Brian Eno A message from the oceans
52 Towers of Dub Dylan Group Reverberational
53 Bridge Amon Tobin Doing it in 5
54 Dub 230 International Sangman Wandering through the crystal forest
56 L'hawaïenne La Femme Enjoy the midnight sunset