Mixtape 195 :: Epilogue

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Andrew Bird Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird always manages to fulfill that craving for pizzicato minimalism.

In this episode: Adanowsky, Amon Tobin, Andrew Bird, Baaba Maal, Brian Eno, Brittta Phillips + Kramer, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, The Bug, Cornelius, Curve & Ian Dury, DJ Danifox, Dub Narcotic, Dylan Group, International Sangman, La Femme, Los Straitjackets, Luna, Negativland, Sonic Boom, Panda Bear and Adrian Sherwood, Spacewalk, The Sursiks, Sylvia's Taco Salad, Throbbing Gristle, Ursula 1000

  Song Artist Notes
1 Epilogue Andrew Bird Deftly plucked
3 Phone the Kids Sylvia's Taco Salad It’s an emergency
4 Oslo Calling Dub Narcotic Norway the hard way
5 Slash Your Tires Luna Don’t mess with Dean
6 Intuition Brooklyn Funk Essentials Sometimes you just know
8 Sueño Oscuro Adanowsky Under the mellow starlight
9 Tarraxo 001 DJ Danifox Scattered thoughts
10 Enough Brian Eno A message from the oceans
11 I Want A New Dub Spacewalk We all want a new dub
13 Towers of Dub Dylan Group Reverberational
14 Bridge Amon Tobin Doing it in 5
15 Dub 230 International Sangman Wandering through the crystal forest
17 Dream #3 Brittta Phillips + Kramer A good match
18 Dream in the Mist Cornelius Flowing in a lucid state
19 Escape from Noise Negativland There is no escape
20 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding Los Straitjackets Nick Lowe’s finest
22 Livin’ in the after Dub (Adrian Sherwood 'Reset in Dub' Version) Sonic Boom, Panda Bear and Adrian Sherwood Nicely versioned
23 Mr. Bongo Ursula 1000 Muy tropical
24 What a Waste Curve & Ian Dury Spaced out
25 The Great Gig in the Sky The Sursiks An engaging translation
27 Agreement Baaba Maal Enter the hypnodrone
28 Hamburger Lady Throbbing Gristle She brings the condiments
29 Sickness (Slowly dying) The Bug Deconstruction time
31 L'hawaïenne La Femme Enjoy the midnight sunset