Muriel’s Big Day Off

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Being Dead Being Dead

A flamboyant tip of the hat to Charley, who shared Being Dead with me only recently. I am smitten and kicking myself for missing their debut album’s release last summer, but I am fiercely making up for lost time. This evening’s Velvet Potty Mouth award goes to STRFKR, whose distinctive FUCK sat like a rock in a river of glitter and was carefully edited out for the Grand Valley’s sensitive ears.

In this episode: The Baldwin Brothers, Beach House, Being Dead, Besh o drom, Bleachers, The Born Again Floozies, British Sea Power, The Bug Club, Caravan Palace, Charlie Chesterman and the Legendary Motorbikes, Corb Lund, Creedle, Dopo Yume, El Perro Del Mar, Emperor Penguin, Flat Duo Jets, Fort Lauderdale, Fred und Luna, The Go! Team, IDLES, Jenny Toomey, Kim Gordon, Laetitia Sadier, Lamplight, Leyla McCalla, Mannequin Pussy, Marshall Crenshaw, Meatbodies, mega cat, Modern English, Mulberry Drive, Nine Iron, Os Overdoses, Real Estate, Royel Otis, Sheer Mag, Still Flyin, STRFKR, Those Darlins, Trespassers W, The Wrens, Yard Act

  Song Artist Notes
1 Decoy Jenny Toomey Originally from Franklin Bruno
3 Muriel’s Big Day Off Being Dead Spelling bee!
4 Velvet Royel Otis The good kind of migraine
5 The Running Range The Go! Team Big orchestral assault
6 Practical Choke Os Overdoses Missing a piston
8 I Am Right On Time Bleachers A long train voyage
9 Chick-A-Boom Trespassers W That old refrain
10 Antique Heirlooms The Bug Club Dust them off
12 Old Familiar Drunken Feeling Corb Lund Hometown advantage
13 Someday Someway Marshall Crenshaw Completely captivating
14 Fireball Charlie Chesterman and the Legendary Motorbikes Hot hot stuff
15 Heart Of Gold Leyla McCalla Unsettled
17 I'm Sorry I Changed My Face Mulberry Drive Abandoned recognition
18 Central Park Dopo Yume The darkest of eye shadows
19 Hells Angels Fort Lauderdale With nefarious intentions
20 Follow The Itinerary Still Flyin Arrive at your destination
22 Jungle IDLES Try and survive
23 Split Me Open Mannequin Pussy Keeping it subtle
24 Faster Gun The Wrens Blast it to pieces
26 I'm A Man Kim Gordon Makes the point
27 (She's So) Impatient (With Me) Nine Iron Just chillax
28 Long In The Tooth Modern English Still going at it
29 Interior Real Estate More driving at night
31 Playing Favorites Sheer Mag Roller skates and glitter
32 Always / Never STRFKR Make it even more disco
33 Román Swing Besh o drom Balkan speedrun
34 I Used To Play The Euphonium The Born Again Floozies Your secret is safe
36 Petroleum Yard Act Slacker drainage
37 Red Light Love Those Darlins Don’t block the crosswalk
38 Flat Duo Jets Anthem Flat Duo Jets Raise your arms
39 Film Co-Work Co. Creedle Amy Carter served you breakfast
41 Empathy Lamplight Feeling the feelings
42 Walk in the Park Beach House Spread out
43 Down on the Ground British Sea Power Insistent washes of sound
45 Don't You Ever Get the Creeps? mega cat Dropping into a fresh groove
46 Right On (Feelin' Good) The Baldwin Brothers Get on it
47 MAD Caravan Palace Hit the skids, man
49 Aurum C Fred und Luna Enjoy the blinkenlights
50 Big John '99 Emperor Penguin He was quite rugged
51 Cloud 6 Laetitia Sadier A most exclusive cloud
52 The Truth the Dead Know El Perro Del Mar Very distant signals
54 Move Meatbodies Circular motion is neverending