Mixtape 228 :: I’m A Man

Kim Gordon Kim Gordon

Welcome to Kim Gordon’s angular world, equal parts plush down and sharp razor.

In this episode: Besh o drom, The Born Again Floozies, Creedle, Flat Duo Jets, IDLES, Kim Gordon, Mannequin Pussy, Modern English, Nine Iron, Real Estate, Sheer Mag, STRFKR, Those Darlins, The Wrens, Yard Act

  Song Artist Notes
1 I'm A Man Kim Gordon Makes the point
3 Jungle IDLES Try and survive
4 Split Me Open Mannequin Pussy Keeping it subtle
5 Faster Gun The Wrens Blast it to pieces
7 (She's So) Impatient (With Me) Nine Iron Just chillax
8 Long In The Tooth Modern English Still going at it
9 Interior Real Estate More driving at night
11 Playing Favorites Sheer Mag Roller skates and glitter
12 Always / Never STRFKR Make it even more disco
13 Román Swing Besh o drom Balkan speedrun
14 I Used To Play The Euphonium The Born Again Floozies Your secret is safe
16 Petroleum Yard Act Slacker drainage
17 Red Light Love Those Darlins Don’t block the crosswalk
18 Flat Duo Jets Anthem Flat Duo Jets Raise your arms
20 Film Co-Work Co. Creedle Amy Carter served you breakfast