Mixtape 232 :: Move

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Meatbodies Meatbodies

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for something unrelenting and obsessive, and Meatbodies has what you need.

In this episode: Applied Communications, The Baldwin Brothers, Beach House, British Sea Power, Caravan Palace, Caravan Palace, Cones, El Perro Del Mar, Emperor Penguin, Four Tet, Fred und Luna, Kim Gordon, Laetitia Sadier, Lamplight, Lamplight, Levitation Room, Matt Berry, Meatbodies, Meatbodies, mega cat, mega cat, Occidental Brothers Dance Band International, People Like Us + Tipsy, The Royal Arctic Instittue, STRFKR

  Song Artist Notes
1 Move Meatbodies Circular motion is neverending
3 Empathy Lamplight Feeling the feelings
4 Walk in the Park Beach House Spread out
5 Down on the Ground British Sea Power Insistent washes of sound
6 From Catnap To Coma The Royal Arctic Instittue Through the frigid waters
8 Don't You Ever Get the Creeps? mega cat Dropping into a fresh groove
9 Right On (Feelin' Good) The Baldwin Brothers Get on it
10 MAD Caravan Palace Hit the skids, man
12 Aurum C Fred und Luna Enjoy the blinkenlights
13 Big John '99 Emperor Penguin He was quite rugged
14 Cloud 6 Laetitia Sadier A most exclusive cloud
15 The Truth the Dead Know El Perro Del Mar Very distant signals
17 Together Forever STRFKR Glitterball 2000
18 Inner Voice Cones Scratchy green whispers
19 Heaven Levitation Room It’s full of paisleys
20 Simple Basics Matt Berry They never fail
22 Subcision Scars Applied Communications Back in the snark
23 Call Your Mom Lamplight Drawing it out
24 Loved Four Tet Charting a complex course
25 Avalanches Caravan Palace Hustling on the sidechain
27 Silly Cybin Meatbodies So silly
28 Shelf Warmer Kim Gordon Sparse and lethal
29 Rat Fight mega cat Give it in five
30 Circle Circle Circle Occidental Brothers Dance Band International Going around and around
32 Reverse Cowgirl People Like Us + Tipsy A collaboration with Tipsy