The Final Hour III

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

The Final Hour The Final Hour

Every so often, I’ll gather up some of my favorite tracks from the last sixty minutes of my three-hour radio show and create an entire episode of The Final Hour, this one being the third such installment. This is the music that is played between 11pm and midnight, and it’s generally darker, more instrumental, sometimes even experimental, and this is an opportunity for the chronologically challenged to experience some of that closer to their regular waking hours.

In this episode: Arca, B. Fleischmann, Brian Eno, Buraka Som Sistema, Confidence Man, Delicate Steve, DJ Me DJ You, Gachupin, Goat, The Greyboy All Stars, Heaters, Indopan, Juana Molina, Kid Koala, Kim & Buran, Klint , Kraftwerk, Kramer, MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS, The Mattoid, MC 900 Foot Jesus, The Morrocco Muzik Makers, Neu!, The New Mastersounds, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, North Americans, Orbital, Posh Swat, The Royal Arctic Instittue, Sault, The Telescopes, Thee Oh Sees, Toxicated Keys, The Veldt, Yo La Tengo

  Song Artist Notes
1 After Hours Delicate Steve Bring on the night
3 Western Town North Americans Haze and vibes
4 Walk In The Stratosphere Kim & Buran Floyd me baby
5 Cassiopeia's Chair The Greyboy All Stars It’s a funky seat
7 Glory Sault Off the beat
8 While the City Sleeps MC 900 Foot Jesus In flames
9 Angry Girl (CHAI Version) Confidence Man Yeah, what’s your problem
11 1,2,3,4,5,7,11! The Mattoid A song for Tuco
12 The Turns The Telescopes Unsteady waltz
13 Unwrap the Fiend, Pt. 2 Thee Oh Sees Instant villain
14 1960 MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS Extra motorik
16 Organism The New Mastersounds Appropriate for sauntering
17 Time Arca The mechanism is precise
18 Un Día Juana Molina Join the dizzy chorus
20 Tonight’s Episode Yo La Tengo The noisy side of YLT
21 Negative Sister Posh Swat Resonant rudiments
22 Gemini Acoustic Nick Cave & Warren Ellis A force like the tide
23 Ara Pacis Heaters Howling for attention
25 Take the Red Pill B. Fleischmann Counting the moments
26 We Let It In Brian Eno Watching the water from under the waves
27 Or Perhaps You Imagined It All Kramer It’s a possibility
28 From Catnap To Coma The Royal Arctic Instittue Open up a window
29 Salsa and Microchips DJ Me DJ You Extra crunchy
31 Soon You Die Goat Not a threat
32 Tira O Pe Buraka Som Sistema Bubbling up
33 Diamond Klint Dark and slick
34 Riverside Drive Gachupin Hitting all the green lights
36 Crapfest Indopan Thump thump
37 Little Mack's Shuffle The Morrocco Muzik Makers Having a grand time
38 Numbers Kraftwerk Collect them all
41 The Frequencies Kid Koala At a steady clip
42 Day One (feat. Dina Ipavic) Orbital Ripping through the jetstream
43 Slave Ship Serenade The Veldt Challenging the sea gods
45 Monate Ke Monate Toxicated Keys Sparse and foreboding