Fight Night

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Fight Night Fight Night

Every six years or so, Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday, and it’s a grand excuse to update and refine the Fight Night playlist, featuring two hours of music about verbal, physical, and emotional aggression. Why go the opposite way? I’m sure those with dates have better things to do than listen to the radio, and those without might appreciate the theme. Tonight’s Final Hour is a replay of tracks from another Final Hour from about a year ago, with all-new live commentary from yours truly.

In this episode: Archers Of Loaf, Aspera Ad Astra, Barcelona, Bark Bark Disco, Ben Folds Five, Bill Nelson, Bishop Allen, Bobby Fuller Four, Bourbon Princess, The Coctails, Cookie, Cornelius, Country Teasers, Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, The Dodos, Elvis Costello, Fear, Flaming Fire, Forro In The Dark, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Hotline TNT, illuminati hotties, International Sangman, James Kochalka, Liily, The Lovemakers, The Mattoid, Montefiori Cocktail, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, The New Duncan Imperials, Pain, Pepe Deluxe, Professor Elemental, Public Enemy, Ramones, The Rezillos, Robbie Fulks, Robyn Hitchcock, Rondelles, The Sadies, The Soft Boys, Spoon, Taraka, Torpedo Boyz, The Upsetters, Ween, Ween, Winterbrief

  Song Artist Notes
1 Kung Fu Fighting Robyn Hitchcock And we mean everybody
3 I Wanna Destroy You The Soft Boys To pieces and shards
4 Good Beat Down Aspera Ad Astra You earned it fair and square
5 Master Manipulator Bourbon Princess Harsh, probably true
6 Boxing Ben Folds Five Talking to Howard
8 Monkey Vs. Robot James Kochalka The ever-lasting conflict
9 A Piece Of My Mind Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer That’s a threatening strum
10 Fighting Trousers Professor Elemental Not my time traveling trousers
11 Running With A Fork In My Mouth The New Duncan Imperials Down a really steep hill, blindfolded
13 The Rabbit Bishop Allen Sway and stagger
14 Backstabber Rondelles Howling from New Mexico
15 Beat On The Brat Ramones Figuratively speaking
16 Fight Pain Bored aggression
18 I Have The Password To Your Shell Account Barcelona Consider your cybersecurity
19 Stop Making My Life Hell Bark Bark Disco A plea for sanity
20 I Wish (Bundle Of Contradictions) Forro In The Dark What a mess
21 Hablas Con Migo Senor??? Torpedo Boyz Escuchenme cabrones
23 10 Simple Murders The Future Kings of Nowhere Count them
24 I'm Gonna Take You Home (And Make You Like Me) Robbie Fulks Heartwarming
25 It's Nothing To Me The Sadies Missing you, Dallas
26 Burn and Rob The Mattoid Originally from Paleface
27 I Fought The Law Bobby Fuller Four Breaking rocks in the hot sun
29 Black 'n Blue 4 U Cookie You worthless louse
30 Road Hog The Coctails Pick a lane!
31 Wrong Archers Of Loaf Very wrong
32 Cheap Reward (Honky Tonk Demo) Elvis Costello Don’t hold back, Elvis
34 Push Th' Little Daisies (Shitless Radio Edit - No Shit) Ween Make them come up
35 Let's Have A War Fear Finally, a practical solution
36 Fight The Power Public Enemy Sound of the funky drummer
37 Ape Shall Never Kill Ape Cornelius The most basic of laws
39 Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In The Rezillos Originally from Fleetwood Mac
40 Anytime, Cowboy Country Teasers Scottish attitude aplenty
41 Everyone's Fightin' The Same Damn Fight The Lovemakers Lather rinse repeat
42 Thou Shalt Always Kill Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip Left off the original tablets
44 Aeroplane Mind Bill Nelson Up to strange heights
45 Pale Horizon The Dodos Clockwork distractions
46 Wire Transfer Hotline TNT Heavy sonic blankets
48 22nd Century Dandy Pepe Deluxe Finnish soul epic
49 I Want To Be Sexy Winterbrief For the Francophones
50 Kickflip illuminati hotties Building up and up
52 Monkey Liily Simian sounds
53 Sad Blue Eyes Taraka Tumbling through the changes
54 The Hardest Cut Spoon Bringing the rock
55 High Bell Flaming Fire Are you truly prepared?
57 So What's New Montefiori Cocktail So refreshing
58 Oh Me Oh Dub The Upsetters A brief space jaunt
59 What Deaner Was Talking About Ween Again my friend
61 Dub 317 International Sangman Journey to the innersphere