Picture Book

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
International Sangman International Sangman

Tonight’s show started off with Picture Book, a one-hour mixtape of songs dedicated to the captured image, whether it be a personal snapshot or an exotic postcard. The rest of the night was the usual Mixtape territory, closing out with my latest inexplicable favorite, International Sangman.

In this episode: Against All Authority, Bill Nelson, Bishop Allen, Brassy, Camper Van Beethoven, Chaz & The Motorbikes, Clinic, Concrete Blonde, Courtney Barnett, Darrin Bradbury, Datarock , The Dodos, Dopo Yume, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Flaming Fire, Goodbye Honolulu, Hotline TNT, illuminati hotties, International Sangman, Ito-k, King Leg, Liily, Mach Kung-Fu, Montefiori Cocktail, Niños Con Bombas, Oranger, Parker Longbough, Parquet Courts, Pepe Deluxe, Railroad Jerk, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Santiago Motorizado, Skankin' Pickle, Spoon, Status Quo, Susanna And The Magical Orchestra, Taraka, Trailer Bride, Treat Her Right, True Love, Uncle Tupelo, The Upsetters, Ween, The Who, Winterbrief, Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 Picture Book Young Fresh Fellows Originally from the Kinks
3 Your Picture King Leg Ready the voodoo
4 The Postcard Dopo Yume Cold neon disco
5 Smile For The Camera Datarock Show your teeth!
6 Photograph Camper Van Beethoven Originally from Ringo Starr
8 Pictures Of Matchstick Men Status Quo Overwhelming paisley
9 Pictures Of Lily The Who Can’t go wrong with the classics
10 Postcard Niños Con Bombas An explosive concoction
11 Wishing Ito-k Originally from A Flock of Seagulls
13 The Missing Person's Waltz Chaz & The Motorbikes Miss you Chaz
14 Picture Of The Future Treat Her Right That Billy Conway rumble
15 Baby Pictures Elvis Costello & The Attractions Short and bitter
16 Centerfold Against All Authority Originally from J. Geils Band
18 Turning Japanese Skankin' Pickle Originally from the Vapors
19 Foreign Picture Books True Love A glorious racket
20 Postcard Uncle Tupelo Still unmatched
21 Click, Click, Click, Click Bishop Allen Take another picture
23 Cut Off Goodbye Honolulu Extra new wave nerves
24 Gun Problem Railroad Jerk Click click clack clack
25 Take A Chance Clinic Creeparound time
26 Crones Oranger Bass drones are go
28 Before You Gotta Go Courtney Barnett Vocal echoes
29 Mikey Shoulda Died Darrin Bradbury Those Clifton kids
30 Can't Let Go Robert Plant & Alison Krauss Walking it easy
31 Radio, Radio (feat. Fito Páez) Elvis Costello & The Attractions Aburrido y fumando
33 Sympathy for Life Parquet Courts Talking to the heads
34 The Falcon Sleeps Alone Parker Longbough Alaskan sounds
35 I Can't Wait Brassy Featuring Muffin Spencer
36 Come On Mach Kung-Fu Aw come on!
38 Una Casa Santiago Motorizado Instrumental soothing
39 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Susanna And The Magical Orchestra Deconstructing Dylan
40 Itchin' For You Trailer Bride Like poison ivy under polyester pants
41 True Concrete Blonde Wailing on
43 Aeroplane Mind Bill Nelson Up to strange heights
44 Pale Horizon The Dodos Clockwork distractions
45 Wire Transfer Hotline TNT Heavy sonic blankets
47 22nd Century Dandy Pepe Deluxe Finnish soul epic
48 I Want To Be Sexy Winterbrief For the Francophones
49 Kickflip illuminati hotties Building up and up
51 Monkey Liily Simian sounds
52 Sad Blue Eyes Taraka Tumbling through the changes
53 The Hardest Cut Spoon Bringing the rock
54 High Bell Flaming Fire Are you truly prepared?
56 So What's New Montefiori Cocktail So refreshing
57 Oh Me Oh Dub The Upsetters A brief space jaunt
58 What Deaner Was Talking About Ween Again my friend
60 Dub 317 International Sangman Journey to the innersphere