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by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Otoboke Beaver Otoboke Beaver

It’s a formula as old as time — take four Japanese ladies, dress them up in color-coordinated dresses and makeup, and have them play aggressive earworms featuring kawaii harmonies and the lethal precision of a veteran death metal band. And yet somehow Otoboke Beaver rise above the rest of the entrants in this crowded field. Who am I kidding, they are one of a kind, and if you’re not listening to their latest album on repeat, you are missing out on a lot of endorphins.

In this episode: 2 Many DJs, 2nd Grade, The A's, The Alan Parsons Project, All Mad Here, All Them Witches, Anti-Flag, The Apples In Stereo, Arcade Fire, Asylum Street Spankers, The Bad Ends, Bill Callahan, The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Ciao Bella, Drums and Tuba, Dusminguet, Eugene McGuinness, Frank and Walters, Goat, The Greyboy Allstars, Hot Hot Heat, Islands, Lipps, Inc., Los Campesinos!, Mexican Institute of Sound, Ministry, Miriam Makeba and the Skylarks, The New Mastersounds, Orchestra Gold, Otoboke Beaver, Paul McCartney & Wings, Pet Shimmers, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Royal Arctic Instittue, Sault, Self, Slim Bawb, Sloan, Solomon + SoCalled, Toxicated Keys, Tune-Yards

  Song Artist Notes
1 Human Fly 2 Many DJs Originally from the Cramps
3 YAKITORI Otoboke Beaver Let it all out
4 Sonajeros Dusminguet Cataluñan all the way
5 Alocatel Mexican Institute of Sound Que no suene a Pinfloid
6 Hispanic Impression Queens Of The Stone Age Going back a ways
8 IMPERIALISM (feat. Ashrita Kumar) Anti-Flag Time for a freakout
9 Fonz Eugene McGuinness Heyyyyyy
10 Wet Chems Pet Shimmers More groovy dissonance
11 Stop Frank and Walters For John O’Bee and the Cork crew
13 First Bird Bill Callahan Waiting for the spring
14 Ivan Ska The Chandler Travis Philharmonic Two tone fire
15 Human Nature Sloan Canadia rock megastars
17 Controlled Burn 2nd Grade Tape warpage and spelling!
18 In Ciao Bella I saw you kissing Jesus
19 Beer Asylum Street Spankers Don’t try this at home
20 Funky Town Lipps, Inc. I can’t go for that
22 Mile Marker 29 The Bad Ends The fire and emotion
23 Brazil Arcade Fire Originally from Sergio Mendes
24 By Your Hand Los Campesinos! Straight outta Wales
26 Naked in the City Again Hot Hot Heat The very lost
27 EOL Islands Choose \n or \r
28 Questions And Answers The Apples In Stereo Going out to Floydgazi
29 Let Me Roll It Paul McCartney & Wings Spark one up
31 Watchu Want The New Mastersounds Walk just like that
32 Trunk Fulla Amps Self Mother!
33 Number for Toots All Mad Here Legit
34 Koniya Orchestra Gold Pan-global melange
36 Why I'm Grieving The A's Flashback to Raising Arizona
37 I'm Phime Slim Bawb Truly, OK
38 Hassidish Solomon + SoCalled Slice and dice
39 Es-so Tune-Yards The kilter, it’s off
41 Turnip's Big Move The Greyboy Allstars Watch me now
42 Just Got Paid Ministry Originally from ZZ Top
43 I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You The Alan Parsons Project What a turnaround
45 Under No Nation Goat Join the tribe
46 Glory Sault Extra half-beat, just for you
47 Monate Ke Monate Toxicated Keys Quite casual
49 K-Style Circut The Royal Arctic Instittue Winter surfing
50 Loteria Drums and Tuba Won it
51 Inkomo Zodwa Miriam Makeba and the Skylarks Warming up the night
53 Slow City All Them Witches Rolling through the stoplights