Portrait of God

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
King Tuff King Tuff

It’s a bitterly cold night, though the thermometer is not the lowest it’s been this winter. Warming things up is King Tuff, whose twisted bedroom psychedelia is heating up my house in the manner of an unexpected early spring. It’s a strong start for an extended set of sounds simultaneously catchy and powerful. Technical note: The Mixtape sounds best when recorded on TDK SA90 cassettes. Do not attempt to do this on Maxell XLIIs.

In this episode: Aden, The Alan Parsons Project, Alvvays, The Apples In Stereo, Brainiac, The Brokedowns, The California Honeydrops, Cayucas, Dan Ex Machina, Fluid Ounces, Fountains Of Wayne, Gaz Coombes, HisCheapMoves & The Real Dolls, Jah Wobble, King Tuff, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Los Blenders, Lowly, Margo Price, Miniature Tigers, Mocean Worker, Morphine, Nevada Bachelors, Paul McCartney, Phish, Quasi, Railroad Jerk, Raz Ohara, The Royal Arctic Instittue, Sault, Sex Clark Five, Shrimp Boat, Sloan, SLuG, Sonny Smith, Southern Culture On The Skids, Stevie Wonder, Thee Headcoats, Tracker, The Veldt, The Vidalias, Wolf People, Woods, Yo La Tengo

  Song Artist Notes
1 Go! Brainiac Expect the unexpected
3 Portrait Of God King Tuff Smooth English roads
4 Dead End Road Sonny Smith Back in your town
5 Cry For Me The California Honeydrops Second line time
6 Rattlesnake Heartbreak Miniature Tigers Poison and treacle
8 We're Gonna Die in This House Dan Ex Machina Waltzes and death, the perfect match
9 Utopia Parkway Fountains Of Wayne Part the clouds
10 Wild Boar Problem Nevada Bachelors It’s real
11 Temporary Secretary Paul McCartney Sir Paul in a technological mood
13 Monica Railroad Jerk Break out the toy chest
14 She's Fine, She's Mine Thee Headcoats Just strolling through
15 Money Sault Frantic frantic frantic
16 Girl Sex Clark Five More alternate timeline transmissions
18 Buena Morphine Sandman’s low rumble
19 Creme Brulee Shrimp Boat Doleful dessert
20 F! Is For Filth Tracker Yet somehow majestic
21 I Knew You Would Go Aden A short hop back
23 Been To The Mountain Margo Price High altitudes
24 Archie, Marry Me Alvvays Lush sounds
25 That's Something I Do The Apples In Stereo Your friends hate my guts
26 Paperweight Machine Fluid Ounces Elfmanesque
28 Red Flagz The Veldt Grinding at its finest
29 Night Witch Wolf People Quite prog
30 Queen of Ears Quasi The pounding of the clav
31 Man Graves (Masculine Caskets) The Brokedowns Fast, somewhat loose
33 Feel Loop (Lizard Dream) Gaz Coombes Dread loop
34 Llama Phish Tightly wrapped
35 Spend the Day Sloan The entire time
36 Jessica WJ Cayucas Quite catchy
38 Camel Walk Southern Culture On The Skids Suitable for desert lifestyles
39 Faking It The Vidalias A common tale
40 Superstition Stevie Wonder Originally written for Jeff Beck
41 Where Is My Mind Raz Ohara Tropical pixies
43 Me Gusta Los Blenders Moving fast
44 Brain The Size of a Rock! HisCheapMoves & The Real Dolls What the
45 Sinatra Drive Breakdown Yo La Tengo Bring the drones
47 I Robot The Alan Parsons Project The verge of electronic music
48 Under Mi Sensi Long Beach Dub Allstars Wikkyd version
49 Hey Baby Mocean Worker Hey
50 Keep Up The Good Work Lowly Positive reinforcement
52 Insults Sweet Like Treacle SLuG It’s complicated
53 Politics Of Free (Live) Woods Insinuating a presence
54 From Catnap To Coma The Royal Arctic Instittue Through the frigid waters
56 35 Towards Clapham Junction Jah Wobble The long haul