Pais Nublado

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Helado Negro Helado Negro

The mechanic reached deep into the tool bag, knowing the required spanner would be at the very bottom. The clanking briefly drowned out the strains from the radio, its signal relayed every 500 meters by the commpods they had dropped on the way. Carefully fitting the business end of the tool between the rear set of treads on the boring machine, they found themselves exclaiming out loud “actually, I think it’s pretty interesting.” The surveyor, measuring the long tunnel behind them with an x-ray transit, looked back briefly, by now used to such outbursts. The cavern should be another two miles down.

In this episode: Anbessa Orchestra, The Angelic Brothers, Asylum Street Spankers, The Brown 25, Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas, Cass McCombs, Chatham County Line, Fastball, Flesh For Lulu, Franklin Bruno, Gal Costa, Girlpool, Glimr, The Green Telescope, Helado Negro, Juana Molina, Juliana Hatfield, Kinky, The Lemonheads, The Long Winters, Madness, Mellow, Mercury Rev, Lucinda Williams, Monty Alexander, Movits, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, mr. Gnome, Mulamba, The Oranges Band, The Paragons, Perez Prado & His Orchestra, Pixies, The Re-Ups, The Red Elvises, The Specials, Spesh, Steel Pole Bath Tub, True Love, Two Cow Garage, Uptown Sinclair, Vetiver, Vulfpeck, The Wild Reeds

  Song Artist Notes
1 Pais Nublado Helado Negro Hispanically wistful
2 Play It Safe The Wild Reeds Just lovely
3 I Used To Call You Home The Re-Ups It’s pretty grim
5 Landslide Uptown Sinclair All hail Dave Hill
6 Train to Miami Steel Pole Bath Tub Menacing the swamplands
7 Today Brings a Bomb mr. Gnome Off-kilter, askance
8 Uruapan Breaks Kinky Coming at you fast
10 The Tide Is High The Paragons Undiluted
11 Tarnation The Brown 25 Have some weird banjo
12 Decline And Fall Flesh For Lulu Driving beat
13 Swamp and Bay Girlpool Jangle and duck
15 Rockin' In Ab Madness That big-hair snare!
16 Kaya Monty Alexander originally by Bob Marley
17 Gize Suite Anbessa Orchestra Rondo a la afrobeat
18 Walk, Don't Run Chatham County Line Porch surfin
20 Tying Up Loose Ends Cass McCombs Gentle swinging
21 Chiclete com Banana Gal Costa Audio sunshine
22 Instrumental The Oranges Band True to its name
24 Love Is a Beautiful Thing (feat. THEO KATZMAN & Monica Martin) Vulfpeck zlow jamz
25 The Lunatics The Specials Still 1,000% relevant
26 Skinny Legged Girl Two Cow Garage Drunken Bukowski ramblings
27 The Commander Thinks Aloud The Long Winters A stately procession
29 Ode To Billie Joe Mercury Rev, Lucinda Williams No fooling
30 A Glimpse The Green Telescope Lovely psychedelia
31 A Piece Of My Mind Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer Not a chap to trifle with
33 Lies On Your Lips Franklin Bruno A gem of a country song
34 No. 13 Baby Pixies No word on the first twelve
35 Broken Doll Juliana Hatfield Classic JH
36 Hung Up Fastball Still fast
38 Speed of the Sound of Loneliness The Lemonheads Strum along
39 Hey Man True Love Power pop squared
40 Siberia The Red Elvises The night is cold
42 Rudo Y Cursi Juana Molina From the soundtrack
43 Guaglione Perez Prado & His Orchestra Strutting about
44 Divine Spesh Fresh from the time machine
45 Paris Sous La Neige Mellow Yes I’m going to be a star
47 Dashiki (Version Instrumentale) Mulamba Getting international
48 ...Fast Tvärtom Movits Quite fast
49 Norte do Brasil Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas Meandering
51 My Sunshine The Angelic Brothers Scratchy goodness
52 Everyday Vetiver What’s that scent?
53 Wammo's Blues Asylum Street Spankers They call me Moses
55 And My Head Hit The Walkside Glimr Heaviness