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by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Meat Puppets Meat Puppets

The first mate adjusted the sails, letting out some wind to keep both skids on the sand. The sun shone down like a hole punched in a blast furnace someone painted blue, the radio broadcasting its gypsy salsa above the hiss of the sandmaran’s travel. Leaning on the tiller, the captain let out a yell of warning as they crested a dune, gaining air for a brief moment. They still didn’t have a plan for replacing the statue, but they had a thousand miles of desert to work something out.

In this episode: The Astounds, Blossom Dearie, Boat, The Cannanes, Cass McCombs, Chatham County Line, The Chemical Brothers, Chicago Afrobeat Project Feat Tony Allen, Chris Murray, Citizen Cope, The Clash, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Cochemea, The Coctails, Commercial, Forty Thieves Orkestar vs Mahala Raï Banda, Greg Laswell, Helado Negro, Ibibio Sound Machine, James, Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, Johnny Sangster And Robb Benson, Julian Lage, Juliana Hatfield, The Lemonheads, The Limiñanas, Low Cut Connie, Luigee Trademarq, M. Ward, Meat Puppets, Mindreaders, The Molochs, Nightmares On Wax, Panda Bear, Sally Timms, Shivaree, Socalled, Squeeze, Teenage Bottlerocket, Terror X Crew, Tracy Spuehler, Weezer, What!, The Wrens, Zoobombs

  Song Artist Notes
1 Warranty Meat Puppets Dusty sounds
2 How Was It For You James Fun times
3 Crescendo Panda Bear Awkward chitchat
5 Bossa Nova Shivaree The unmistakable Ambrosia Parsley
6 #4 Commercial Lost in the loop
7 Just One Of Those Things [Brazilian Girls Remix] Blossom Dearie Pounding rumble
8 Fever in My Pocket Mindreaders Trashy garage
10 6 The Wrens Still waiting for a title. Still waiting. Period.
11 Return to Neptune's Net M. Ward The new old fashioned
12 Now and Then The Lemonheads Takin her easy
13 Sing, Theresa Says Greg Laswell Riding through the rain
15 (I'm A) Donkey For Your Love Boat Bring the strange
16 Boriska The Claypool Lennon Delirium All hail Jack Parsons
17 Girl On The Billboard Chatham County Line Purdy breezy
18 Justice Citizen Cope Slow feel
20 Running Helado Negro Melting lethargically
21 New Eater Of Rainclouds The Astounds Delicious fuzz
22 Bad Lady Goes to Jail The Limiñanas Originally by John Wesley Coleman
24 A Case of Funk Nightmares On Wax Bubbling up
25 The Man Who Drinks Forty Thieves Orkestar vs Mahala Raï Banda Up! Up! Up!
26 H Kobosta Terror X Crew Rushin the Russian
27 In Heaven Julian Lage So recognizable
29 I No Know Featuring Tony Allen Ugochi Chicago Afrobeat Project Feat Tony Allen featuring the Allen stutter
30 Spanish Bombs The Clash Spanish bombs in Costa Rica
31 1-2-3 Zoobombs Live and lovin it
32 Goodbye Girl Squeeze She’s gone
34 The Great Pixley Train Robbery Cass McCombs Life on the rails
35 Cry Cry Cry Sally Timms No one croons like Sally
36 Wet Suit The Coctails Sticks to you
37 You Are Never Alone (Jewish Cowboy) Socalled It’s a long ride to where we’re going
39 I Found A Love Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind Out of control
40 Ex-Darling Chris Murray Forget about calling
41 All Right, Yeah Juliana Hatfield Sharp as a tack
43 Hey Boy, Get Off My Ferns What! Or I’ll break every bone in your body
44 Seyewailo Cochemea A groove supreme
45 Probably Newspaper Smiles Johnny Sangster And Robb Benson Too short
46 The Chant (Iquo Isang) Ibibio Sound Machine Wake up time
48 Bad Timing The Cannanes Carefree twangs
49 Am I Wrong? Low Cut Connie Smeared-out boogie
50 At The Frank Black Show Tracy Spuehler Hidden gem
52 No Control The Molochs Hit the retro
53 Pétassine Luigee Trademarq Music for doin it
54 Alien Motion Technology Teenage Bottlerocket Blasting red hot
55 High As A Kite Weezer Pleasant enough
57 Elektrobank The Chemical Brothers Shocks and zaps