I Know What It's Like

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Jeff Tweedy Jeff Tweedy

It was a jam-packed evening, and we even got to fit in a request for Mission of Burma for Generoso and Lily, listening over the satcom from their armored zeppelin thrumming over the Iowa cornfields. Also: the world needs more Franklin Bruno.

In this episode: Alvin 'Red' Tyler, Apostle of Hustle, Bajofondo, Beach Skulls, Beechwood, Big Sandy, Billy F Gibbons, The Bottle Rockets, The Bran Flakes, BRONCHO, Dead Meadow, Downtown Boys, Fatboy Slim, Field Music, Fishbone, Franklin Bruno, The Fratellis, G.W. Mclennan, The Goodnight Loving, Hefner, Home, Hugh Masakela, Jeff Tweedy, Kalman Balogh, King Chango, The Lovin' Spoonful, Marcellus Hall, The Maxwell Implosion, Mclusky, The Minders, Mission Of Burma, The Mountain Goats, Mr. T Experience, Oh Pep!, Os Mutantes, Pizzicato 5, The Police, Ratcat, Sick Thoughts, The Simpsons, The Spirit Of The Beehive, The Thermals, They Might Be Giants, Tipsy, Tommy Guerrero, Vulfpeck, We Ragazzi, The Wild Reeds

  Song Artist Notes
1 I Know What It's Like Jeff Tweedy Sweet California jangle
2 I Was Sleeping (Demo) Marcellus Hall The collector provides for you
3 A Minha Menina Os Mutantes That beat
5 Gray Prison Blues The Lovin' Spoonful What's Up Tiger Lily!
6 Haven't I Been A Fool G.W. Mclennan Legendary Australian chiming
7 Hypnic Jerks The Spirit Of The Beehive Heavy Vegetable-like
8 I Want You 2 Love Me So Much I Can't Stand Up We Ragazzi Full of angst
10 God Is On My Side Hefner Hitch up your skirt for your boyfriend
11 El Andén (feat. Mala Rodriguez) Bajofondo The train platform
12 Checking on a Message Field Music The new Dan
13 Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds The Mountain Goats The end of an era
15 No Time This Time The Police The frantic finale
16 No Worries Beach Skulls Sarcastic twang
17 Your Nail And Your Hammer Oh Pep! Feeling destructive
18 Hollywood 151 Billy F Gibbons BFG to the max
20 Highway 70 Blues The Bottle Rockets East of here, but still counts.
21 I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar They Might Be Giants Originally by Jonathan Richman
22 Hora F# Minor Kalman Balogh Master of the Gypsy Cimbalom
23 The Peanut Vendor Alvin 'Red' Tyler As heard on Breaking Bad
25 Alfio Brambilla (Acquarello Mix) The Maxwell Implosion Originally by Die Moulinettes
26 Chances Are Apostle of Hustle Blasting out the open window
27 It's A Long Way In A Bad Way The Goodnight Loving Fancy some two-step
28 Chelsea Dagger (Radio Edit) The Fratellis Quite popular
30 What We've Learned Mclusky Harsh reality
31 Dashboard Issues Franklin Bruno Something spoils the scene
32 20th Century Girl Pizzicato 5 Backwards fashion
33 Lost My Treble Long Ago Vulfpeck Demanding you strut
35 Two Of Us Mr. T Experience So romantic
36 Clara Rancia Downtown Boys All the yelling!
37 I've Been Wondering The Minders Shiny bright short pop
38 That Ain't Bad Ratcat 16 of 16
40 Amy Beechwood Distant slide riffs
41 Not An Option The Wild Reeds Sauntering tempo
42 Gangster Tripping Fatboy Slim Don't the stop
43 Dust Devil Mission Of Burma A very speedy zeppelin
45 Hey Lowdown! Big Sandy The real deal
46 My Friend Maurice Home Crashing down
47 Keep It In Line BRONCHO A billion laser rays
48 An Endless Supply The Thermals So dense
50 Big Business Tipsy Makingmoney
51 Grazing In The Grass Hugh Masakela Way more cowbell
52 A Selection Fishbone You have made a selection
53 Here With The Hawk Dead Meadow Implacable
55 Evil Knievel The Bran Flakes Not the good one
56 Don't Drop Your Pants King Chango Multi-culti Skafest
57 Hammer Sick Thoughts Within the blast radius
58 A Fish Called Selma The Simpsons I love legitimate theater
60 El Camino Negro Tommy Guerrero In five