Power Chords

KAFM Grand Junction, 10pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Mike Krol Mike Krol

The driver felt the leads tremble under their hands. The navigator clung resolutely to the sled, keeping an eye on the white horizon of the Wexford hills as they put some miles between themselves and the Monongahela. The only sound besides the rushing skids on the snow and the panting of the dogs was a faint crackle of song leaking from the driver’s earpiece. The heist had been a success; behind them, a net filled with silver Mylar balloons trailed and bobbed in the generated midnight wind.

In this episode: A.C. Newman, Bongwater, Cat Power, The Dandy Warhols, Deer Tick, Deerhunter, Delicate Steve, Dogbowl, Esquivel, The Fratellis, Galactic, The Go, Guster, Heroic Doses, Jeff Tweedy, Justus Proffit, Klark Kent, LMNOP, Love And Rockets, Mach Kung-Fu, Mats / Morgan, Mike Krol, The Pilgrims, Pixies, Redd Kross, The Slackers Featuring Chris Murray, Spesh, Swervedriver, The Ting Tings, The Transgressors, Trio, Twang Bang

  Song Artist Notes
1 Power Chords Mike Krol Truth in advertising
2 Some Birds Jeff Tweedy At his tweediest
3 Dazed And Chinese Bongwater Relentless
5 Blacklight The Ting Tings In the zone
6 Black Cat Power Understated format
7 Secretarial A.C. Newman The triumph of a great hook
8 Pale Blue Eyes Deer Tick Because the Velvet Underground
10 Motorboat Redd Kross Still scorching hot
11 Kundalini Express Love And Rockets All aboard!
12 Ten Feet Tall Twang Bang That's pretty tall
13 Away From Home Klark Kent I entertain my rancid date
15 Dream Delicate Steve Channeling Zappa
16 Stand Up Tragedy The Fratellis Perfect for head-bobbin
17 Mucha Muchacha Esquivel Too much girl!
18 I Am A Rasta Man The Slackers Featuring Chris Murray Can't go wrong with this combination
20 Death in Midsummer Deerhunter Olde tyme
21 Bone Machine Pixies Remains fresh
22 On The Corner Heroic Doses Intense instruments
23 NOMA Galactic Ratcheting up
25 Singapore ‘66 Mach Kung-Fu Flash in Japan
26 The Day Bobby Fuller Died The Transgressors The shoe fits
27 Smile Into A Scowl The Pilgrims A real downer
28 Architects and Engineers Guster Prime form
30 Swan Dogbowl Strange poetry, man
31 Shadow Of The Cross Justus Proffit Intersecting musical angles
32 Boom Boom Trio The formula, it works
33 You Go Bangin On The Go Skiffle and stomp
35 Thee Elegant Bum The Dandy Warhols Somewhat menacing for an elegant bum
36 Spiked Flower Swervedriver It's a rumbling crush
37 Unnatural Interest in Excretory Functions LMNOP Lost Atlanta musical genius
38 Tomato Rose Spesh An ‘80s streak
40 Etage Mats / Morgan The aesthetics of complication