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by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Atom™ Atom™

Uwe Schmidt has had an extensive career, recording under many names as electronic musicians do, but it’s his work as Señor Coconut (and now as Atom™), where he deconstructs familiar songs into something Kraftwerk would play if hired to play a quinceañera, that brings me this very particular weird glee.

In this episode: Atom™, Bachelor, Boom Pam, Brain Damage Meets Big Youth, Brut Boogaloo, C. Gibbs And The Cardia Bros., Camper Van Beethoven, The Catenary Wires, Cato Salsa Experience, Death Valley Girls, Drug Store Romeos, G. Love & Special Sauce, George Harrison, Get Set Go, The Gravel Pit, Guignol, Hearty Har, James, Les Paul & Mary Ford, Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, Marmoset, Matt Suggs, Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Mazzy Star, Meat Wave, The Moles, Money Mark, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, Once And Future Band, Palberta, Pluxus, Pom Pom Squad, Quantic, The Routes, Royal Blood, The Scientists, Shannon & the Clams, The Slackers, Sparks, Switches, They Might Be Giants, Tom Tom Club, The Velvet Teen, Wavves, Young Antiques

  Song Artist Notes
1 Beso Atom™ Originally from Prince
3 Love Strike Shannon & the Clams Pulse bomb
4 Ride It On Mazzy Star A rare treat!
5 I-76 G. Love & Special Sauce Scratching all the way to Philly
7 Arrow Death Valley Girls Raw around the edges and the center
8 Hey! Palberta Channeling the Minutemen
9 Killing the Incessant Meat Wave A noisy start
10 Winter Marmoset Folding weirdly
12 Birdhouse In Your Soul They Might Be Giants Who watches over you?
13 Wherever It Takes Us James Triumphant return
14 Boilermaker Royal Blood Monster riffage
16 Love To Love You Baby Tom Tom Club Originally from Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder
17 86 The Mayo The Slackers Sage advice
18 Happy Life Money Mark A nice jaunt
19 Wear Your Love Like Heaven Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog Deconstructed Donovan
21 Shame Reactions Pom Pom Squad Lethal velocity
22 Back of My Hand Bachelor Your biggest fan
23 Where's Your Patience, Dear? Matt Suggs From Butterglory
25 Hideaway Wavves Rattle some bars
26 Angst In My Pants Sparks From the Valley Girl soundtrack
27 Caspian Can Wait The Velvet Teen Surging and maritime
28 This Song Is Not About You Get Set Go A sweet and lovely tune
30 Power Broker Blues The Gravel Pit Big power
31 Stepkids In Love Switches Such a conundrum
32 Dear M C. Gibbs And The Cardia Bros. Harrisonesque
33 I Dig Love (2020 Mix) George Harrison Fifty years
35 Ain't It Black The Routes No it ain’t
36 Smoke Rings Les Paul & Mary Ford Phantom parades
37 Off The Books Guignol And under the table
38 Never Go Back Camper Van Beethoven Play another Mafia show
40 Alpine The Catenary Wires Quite heavenly
41 Elevator Drug Store Romeos Going up
42 Scream and Shout! Hearty Har Mysterious carnival music
43 Bad Lucky Street Young Antiques Not the desired route
45 There Must Be a Someone Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Old-fashioned
46 Freaks Once And Future Band Supertrampy
47 Surfing Tuba Boom Pam Totally tubalar
49 Safe The Scientists Clap along
50 (Wascha Raj) Cato Salsa Experience An interlude
51 Strike One Brut Boogaloo Brutish
52 Let Me Smoke My Pipe Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer Permission requested
54 Pelota (Cut a Rug Mix) Quantic A suitable extension
55 Kung den knege Pluxus Return to the lunar module
56 2020 I Pray Thee Brain Damage Meets Big Youth A jazzy sort of dub
58 Tendrils and Paracetamol The Moles They will overtake you