Chevrolet Van

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Nude Party The Nude Party

The landtrain rumbled over something bumpy. Probably a hill, thought the conductor, as they made their way down the gently swaying aisle, digital holepuncher out, ready to process the ticket. The passenger, sole occupant of the car, sat oblivious, staring out the window at the landscape rushing twenty feet below, the faint sounds of some Slovakian cumbia leaking out of the expensive earbuds. “Ticket please?” The passenger startled, and reached for the sleek titanium briefcase, its embedded digital timer declaring to everyone that it held no ordinary cargo.

In this episode: Africaine 808, Alfie, American High, Apostle Of Hustle (feat. The Huskys), Ashtech, The Avett Brothers, Buke and Gase, Camper Van Beethoven, Cass McCombs, The Chemical Brothers, The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Cochemea, Darediablo, Delicate Steve, Helado Negro, Hot Club Of Cowtown, Ian Brown, Janis Joplin, Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, Julian Lage, Linus Of Hollywood, Magnetix, Martin Frawley, The Mattoid, Meat Puppets, The Naked + Famous, NOMO, The Nude Party, Panda Bear, Piroshka, Poi Dog Pondering, Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, Seu Jorge, Swearin', They Might Be Giants, Tijuana Panthers, U Roy, Warm Wires, The Wild Reeds, Winterbrief, Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 Chevrolet Van The Nude Party Check out the video
2 Toady Man's Hour The Claypool Lennon Delirium More froggy weirdness
3 24 Robbers Apostle Of Hustle (feat. The Huskys) Make the kids work it
5 Hated By The Powers That Be Piroshka Rackmount timetravel
6 Out Align Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind Swagger aplenty
7 Dog They Might Be Giants All kinds of dogs
8 Shame The Avett Brothers Untender and untrue
10 Angel Came Down Warm Wires Sweet violin solo
11 Sea of Heartbreak Meat Puppets Country punks deluxe
12 Bends For 72 Miles Alfie British moods
14 Look Within American High So very Cheap Trick
15 Diga Diga Doo Hot Club Of Cowtown Blazing hot gypsy jazz standard
16 Sleeping Volcanoes Cass McCombs Understated, to say the least
17 What's On Your Mind Martin Frawley Steady on
19 Token Panda Bear A distinctive slice and dice
20 Life on Mars Seu Jorge In any language
21 Fantasma Vaga Helado Negro Low key
23 Imaginary World Ashtech It’s all too real
24 No. 1 in the World U Roy Back to the beginning
25 Ambiguity Song Camper Van Beethoven Weirdo dub ending
27 Big Change Swearin' I’m a sucker for distant guitars
28 Lawn Mowers Attack!!! Magnetix Beware their whirling blades
29 Rainbow Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters Mystical sounds
30 Summertime Janis Joplin It’s upon us
32 Break Down The Walls (Warm Up Jam) Ian Brown Madchester reggae
33 Three Shades NOMO Afrobeat time
34 Joy The Mattoid So distinctive
36 Way Too Long Delicate Steve Parade for guitar and drum machine
37 Crying Julian Lage Some gentle twangings
38 Dark Horse Darediablo Do not mess with the robots
40 Al-Mu'tasim Cochemea Roots music
41 I Want To Be Sexy Winterbrief Try it in your favorite language
42 Little Bell Young Fresh Fellows That stumbly beat
44 Girls Gone Wild Tijuana Panthers An ancient sound
45 Thank You For Making Me Feel Better Linus Of Hollywood Drinking music
46 Orange Wedge The Chemical Brothers Ridealong
47 Stumbler Buke and Gase Prepare for assembly
49 A Wolf In Geek's Clothing The Naked + Famous Fairly unrelenting
50 Complicated Poi Dog Pondering Hawaiian disco
51 Telepathic Mail The Wild Reeds Evening chimes
53 Yes We Can't Africaine 808 Active closer