KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking

The usual random process of Lacking Selection has yielded a playlist that will trigger recognition in Nick Lowe fans, without actually playing any Nick Lowe. It also yielded a set in the second hour that went from “Fantastic” to “Impossible”.

In this episode: Alsarah & The Nubatones, Amen Dunes, Andrei Codrescu, Beach Skulls, Billy Childish & Holly Golightly, Bongwater, The Bottle Rockets, Brainiac, BRONCHO, Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band Feat. LaRose Jackson, Chris Knox , Chuck Martin, Curse of Lono, Darling New Neighbors, Denise James, Devo, Dr. Ring Ding, Elvis Costello + The Attractions, Flin Flon, The Glands, Heavy Vegetable, Hefner, Japonize Elephants, Jeff Tweedy, Jerry Jones, Kero Kero Bonito, Kim Lenz, Listing Ships, Mariachi El Bronx, Matthew E. White, Mellow, Mirah, Mitski, Pluxus, Popcanon, Rockpile, Ron Gallo, Sick Thoughts, Sleepy Labeef & C.J. Chenier, The Spirit Of The Beehive, Talc, Titan, Tommy Guerrero, Tricky Woo, Weezer, Willie Nillie, Z-Rock Hawaii

  Song Artist Notes
1 Sandman BRONCHO Driving fast in the dark
2 Nail I Couldn't Bite The Spirit Of The Beehive Woozy loops
3 I Took Her Love For Granted Hefner I feel beautiful
5 In Blood Billy Childish & Holly Golightly One chord to rule them all
6 Trying Times Jerry Jones Never out of style
7 Sofa The Glands It's a comfortable sofa
8 Ordinary Day Mirah Congratulations, Mirah
10 Run Away (The Sequel) Darling New Neighbors Quite understated
11 Ton O' Luv Devo Do the robot
12 April 1724 Pluxus Side scroller
13 Percolate Kim Lenz Hot brew
15 Not Given Lightly Chris Knox New Zealand genius
16 When I Write The Book Rockpile Maybe some magic moment
17 Bit Logic The Bottle Rockets Brand new retro
18 6 Cats And A Podium Tricky Woo Boogie colossus
20 How Will I Find You? Jeff Tweedy Slow burn
21 Everybody's Talking Bongwater Doesn’t get more NYC
22 Corazón Titan Brazilian blowout
24 Fantastic Mellow from the world of tomorrow
25 Island In The Sun Weezer Doesn't age
26 Slave Labor Mariachi El Bronx Hardcore mariachi
27 Impossible Popcanon Gainesville Hi-Grade
29 Half A Boy + Half A Man Sleepy Labeef & C.J. Chenier Who would have thought
30 Luv Jones Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band Feat. LaRose Jackson Black velvet indeed
31 Chemistry Class Elvis Costello + The Attractions Lucky I didn't kill myself
32 Welcome Home Curse of Lono Low skruff
34 Police On My Back Willie Nillie What have I done?
35 Hold On This Time Denise James Genuine girl group vibes
36 Remember My Name Mitski I'm really bad at names
37 Only Acting Kero Kero Bonito Wait, what?
39 Hot Metal Dobermans Brainiac Underwater nightmare
40 Sound Unity (Featuring King DJango & Rocker T) Dr. Ring Ding With King Django and Rocker T
41 Miki Dora Amen Dunes Developing
42 Robot's Return (Modern Sleepover Part 2) Talc Every robot deserves some
44 Chuggin' Z-Rock Hawaii Featuring members of Ween + the Boredoms
45 eggy in a bready Heavy Vegetable Making me hungry
46 Hit 10 Joints Chuck Martin A Hogtown classic
47 Big Love Matthew E. White It's that Ft. Lauderdale sound
49 Asilah Alsarah & The Nubatones Other beats
50 Upper Ferry Flin Flon Relentless
51 Headache Sick Thoughts Feels like a headache
52 Young Lady, You're Scaring Me Ron Gallo No flies on Ron
54 Log Cabin Blues Japonize Elephants Manic ragtime
55 Ichabod Crane Listing Ships Reminds me of Patriot
56 Slow Roll Tommy Guerrero Eating miles
57 On the Road Andrei Codrescu The saga of Almond Joy
59 Ain't Easy Beach Skulls 17 of 17