Mixtape 130 :: Cowboy

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Bill Callahan Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan has been wandering the halls of music for quite some time now, his deep voice and aimless arrangements a constant hypnotic presence.

In this episode: 2nd Grade, Bill Callahan, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, BRONCHO, Coriky, Crystal Stilts, Deerhoof, The Fearless Flyers, Frank Zappa, Hanni El Khatib, Hefner, The Human League, The Jayhawks, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Kaizers Orchestra, The Merrills, The Moog Cookbook, Mr. Elevator, The Mr. T Experience, Nano Banton, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Olivia Jean, P.P. Roy, Paint, The Paranoyds, Professor Longhair, Sheer Mag, Solipsistics, Split Enz, They Might Be Giants, Ui, White Denim

  Song Artist Notes
1 Cowboy Bill Callahan So very gravelly
2 Clean Kill Coriky Probably not an Avatar reference
3 Lanolin Paint Smooth like sheep
4 Sucking the Thumb 2nd Grade Swoled up
6 Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth The Brian Jonestown Massacre Revenge is sweet
7 Nobody's Baby Sheer Mag Retro flamejob
8 Maestro Kaizers Orchestra I don't understand anything except "swinging hammer"
9 You Make Me Solipsistics Low key
11 Final Answer Nano Banton Dubbed and redubbed
12 Go to the Mardi Gras Professor Longhair Whistlin’ time
13 Colonel Panic The Fearless Flyers No time for a core dump
14 Eagle Wings White Denim Coming in hot with the come on
16 Mangos And Rice Hanni El Khatib Delicious simplicity
17 I Fell for You The Mr. T Experience Such a brief love affair
18 Shut Your Mouth Olivia Jean Yes ma’am
19 (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended Version) The Human League Can there be another version?
21 It's Just Begun Jimmy Castor Bunch Funky for Lara
22 Hold Me Closer Hefner For western hearts
23 What's the Matter with You Split Enz Its own sound
24 At The Bottom The Merrills From Atlanta
26 Money for Dope They Might Be Giants Gotta keep it together
27 Green Of The Melon Ui Subtle cues
28 Sycamore Tree Crystal Stilts It’s somewhat psychedelic around here
30 Homecoming The Jayhawks Very Beatlesque mood
31 Courtney The Paranoyds And she don’t care
32 Kompressor Mr. Elevator A smooth ride to space and back
33 Theme From Ezpz P.P. Roy It just keeps ringing
35 Low Blow New York Ska Jazz Ensemble Also see: St. Peteresburg Ska Jazz
36 Model Behavior Deerhoof Unmistakable
37 Black Hole Sun The Moog Cookbook Don't let the funny fool you. They're geniuses.
38 I Know You BRONCHO Drenched in density
40 Watermelon In Easter Hay Frank Zappa The central scrutinizer