Mixtape 123 :: Thieves

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Billy Martin Billy Martin

Billy Martin’s drumming makes me think of oxymorons like “precisely sloppy” and “intensely casual” and “red hot chill out”.

In this episode: 2nd Grade, Andrew Bird, Billy Martin, Brave Combo, Chicano Batman, Creedle, The Decibels!, Django Django, Emiliana Torrini, The Evolution Control Committee, Flight of the Conchords, Frank Zappa, Habiluim, Houses, I Fight Dragons, Imperial Wax, Islands, Jeffrey Lewis, Juliana Hatfield, King Kong, Kitty, Daisy + Lewis, M. Ward, Mark Mothersbaugh, The Mooney Suzuki, Olivia Jean, Pinback, Pokey Lafarge, The Police, Ska Cubano, Solaris, Spot 1019, The Wolfgang Press

  Song Artist Notes
1 Thieves Billy Martin The loosest of grooves
2 The Prophet Chicano Batman It sounds like a cool hang
3 Kiss Me Carolynne The Decibels! Old-fashioned power pop
4 It's Showtime Pt II The Mooney Suzuki Extremely rowdy and out of control
6 Babalu Ska Cubano Good mix
7 Danse Carribe Andrew Bird With all manner of regional modalities
8 Hurt Feelings Flight of the Conchords They’re vincible.
9 Soak It Up Houses I dare you to find them online
11 Torch M. Ward Appropriately titled
12 Fuck Me Up Pokey Lafarge Is that a challenge?
13 Night Owl Olivia Jean One of us
14 Rabbi Steinman's Happy Hour Frito Boats Creedle Klezmezmerizing interlude
16 Jungle Drum Emiliana Torrini Burrum-du-dum
17 Tomorrow Kitty, Daisy + Lewis Some old school ska from these kids
18 Waveforms Django Django More, more, more
20 Trigger Finger 2nd Grade For those that miss Heavy Vegetable
21 Bobby Brown Goes Down Frank Zappa Thank you Generoso
22 To Love A Yak King Kong It's certainly not for everyone
23 Punk Is Dead Jeffrey Lewis Yes, it’s Crass
25 Joy Islands Fascinating collaboration with David Shrigley
26 Pwn Monkey The Evolution Control Committee It’s just about every song there is.
27 Sherman Pinback Thank you, Record Store Day
28 Piranhas Mark Mothersbaugh From the Rushmore soundtrack
30 Canary in a Coalmine Juliana Hatfield First to fall over
31 Someone To Talk To The Police Obscure stuff
32 Space Invaders Solaris Spacefunk
33 Sixteen Tons Brave Combo Conga line in the mine
35 And Your Bird Can Sing I Fight Dragons Music for patch night
36 אני מקיא Habiluim A statement of anger
37 This World Owes Me A Buzz Spot 1019 Pay your debts
38 Mama Told Me Not To Come The Wolfgang Press Quite the update
40 Rammy Taxi Illuminati Imperial Wax Many movements