Mixtape 134 :: Identity Theft

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Chats The Chats

Taking their name from Australian slang for something not good, The Chats are here to strike fear in the hearts of parents and guidance counselors across the globe.

In this episode: Alex Arrowsmith, The Basement Scene, Beck, Benjamin Gibbard, The Cambodian Space Project, The Chats, Cherry Glazerr, Clifffs, Comet Gain, Coriky, The Delta 72, The Fearless Flyers, Fink, Jade Hairpins, Langhorne Slim, Laura Gibson, Los Amigos Invisibles, Los De Abajo, Mosquitos, Mudhoney, Nano Banton, NoFX, Regina Spektor, The Scofflaws, Shitkid, Spoon, Standard Of Living, The Sugarplastic, Takako Minekawa, Tennis, Trio, Trombone Shorty

  Song Artist Notes
1 Identity Theft The Chats They can have it
2 Thatcher Fucked the Kids NoFX Originally by Frank Turner
3 Father Coin Jade Hairpins Darkest shuffle
4 Shedileebop Coriky Stutter dreaming
6 Lagniappe (Part 2) Trombone Shorty More shortness
7 Don't Look Down The Sugarplastic From the Powerpuff Girls album
8 No Le Metas Mano Los Amigos Invisibles Weirdly different
9 I Can Kill My Enemies With My Mind Alex Arrowsmith He doesn’t have hands
11 Ei Indio Los De Abajo Sly rhythms
12 Told You I'd Be With The Guys Cherry Glazerr Know how to party
13 Touch Me I'm Sick Mudhoney March to fuzz
14 College Student The Scofflaws Welcome back students!
16 Soran Riddim Nano Banton Ring de alarm
17 Laisses Tomber Les Filles The Cambodian Space Project Something about a chick habit
18 Boombox Mosquitos For a sunny, rainy afternoon
19 The Cause Laura Gibson Distinctive voice
21 Do I Have To Talk You Into It Spoon Nice swagger
22 Wow Beck Like wow
23 Metal Baby Benjamin Gibbard So very Teenage Fanclub fan club
24 Bluebird Langhorne Slim Real old time
26 So Hard Standard Of Living Subtle stuff
27 Toronto The Basement Scene They are no more, perhaps
28 Da Da Da Trio Gotta relive the classics
29 Small Town Moon Regina Spektor I think she misses it
31 Home Wondering (I Dont Wanna Go to Prom) Shitkid Really doesn’t want to go
32 Tilt Clifffs Fast tilting
33 Just Another Let Down The Delta 72 Spirit of the ‘70s
34 Kenni and the Jets The Fearless Flyers EJ would be proud
36 Fantastic Cat Takako Minekawa Time for a catshot
37 Pinstriped Rebel Comet Gain Gimme the deesko punk
38 Ladies Don't Play Guitar Tennis Front rangers
40 Resurgam Fink Take us out