Mixtape 115 :: Born Too Late

Habibi Habibi

Habibi is what happens when you spill solvent on the psychedelic garage / surf music / girl groups section of your record collection.

In this episode: Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Arto Lindsay, Bad Books, Bananagun, Bobby Conn, Born Ruffians, Bran Van 3000, Caribou, Devo, Disq, First Aid Kit, Future Of The Left, Gangstagrass, Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya Mccraven, Habibi, Jake Bugg, Juliana Hatfield, Kakkmaddafakka, Kellies, King Curtis, Madness, Malcolm McLaren, Parquet Courts, Portland Cello Project, The Sensualists, Sleigh Bells, Stop Calling Me Frank, The Sugar Oaks, Ty Segall, Unrest

  Song Artist Notes
1 Born Too Late Habibi You got that right
2 Go Shopping Bran Van 3000 An adventure for these times
3 The Crutch Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya Mccraven Strange grind
5 Dance the Seance Kellies Argetinian and dangerous
6 Soul Serenade King Curtis Smoothing for oldies
7 Friendly Advice Bad Books Ratchet the drama
8 Born To Lose Sleigh Bells Jammin' on the bass button
10 Sister Caribou Modulations
11 Simply Beautiful Arto Lindsay Supremely subtle
12 Los Rebeldes The Sugar Oaks Whatever happened to
14 Donuts Only Parquet Courts Me and Ty's new favorite
15 A Plan For U Devo A plahn fer yew
16 Make Out Club Unrest The American contingent of 4AD
17 No Song Kakkmaddafakka So happyness!
19 Bang Go The Bongos Bananagun Mayhem in the jungle
20 Haberdashery Stop Calling Me Frank Get your hankies
21 Coconut Ty Segall Not what you expected
22 Never Get Ahead Bobby Conn Talk about The Man
24 Play With Fire First Aid Kit Just as menacing as Mick
25 The Ratcatcher Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Tony Allen would approve
26 Trouble Town Jake Bugg Hard to believe those ingredients
28 Breathe Born Ruffians Weaving through a Pixies chorus
29 Daily Routine Disq Very familiar at this point
30 Can't Stand Losing You Juliana Hatfield He’s six feet ten
31 Solid Gone Madness Twotone boogie
33 Banks of the Ohio (feat. Alexa Dirks) Gangstagrass Love that rough voice
34 Rough On Rats (feat. Chanticleer) Portland Cello Project Vaguely menacing
35 Johnny Borrell Afterlife Future Of The Left Strangely, very Welsh-sounding
36 Double Dutch Malcolm McLaren Gotta love Malcolm
38 Dips + Peaks The Sensualists Getting it on and out